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Distribution, Barcode Solution


OCR's impressive selection of barcode scanners and printers and data collection terminals, together with customized software, creates huge efficiencies in planning, resource, and schedule management up and down your supply chain. Levels of inventory are quickly tracked and optimized and packages are instantly identifiable. You’ll see significant improvement in labeling compliance, shipment accuracy, inventory management, and integrated communications between enterprise systems and distribution operations.

Education, Barcode Solution


Whether large or small, educational institutions can improve operations of their bookstores, health centres, student registration offices, and cafeterias when their workforces are equipped with OCR's reliable, easy-to-use barcode scanners and labeling solutions to and wireless labeling technologies.

Entertainment, Barcode Solution


With so much competition for entertainment dollars, it’s a real challenge to increase--or merely sustain--your list of patrons and subscribers, your revenue, and the performance of your brand. OCR helps conquer those challenges with proven wireless technologies that can create specialized plans for ticket sales; quickly figure discounts, service charges, and taxes; and easily handle such tasks as ticketing assigned seats and accepting or selling gift certificates.

Government, Barcode Solution


OCR helps multiple government agencies update their technologies and improve operational efficiency, including revenue collection, healthcare and medical records, military logistics, benefits, voter ID, personnel administration, and public safety, in addition to applications in other public sectors. OCR barcode and wireless network equipment significantly reduces time-wasting record searches, data entry, and paperwork.

Health Care, Barcode Solution

Health Care

OCR’s impressive range of label printers and barcode scanners, either automated or manual, streamlines the work in health care facilities by performing such critical duties as identifying patients and checking their medication orders prior to dispensing the drugs. Among many other vital functions are the tracking of lab samples and blood bags, file management, documentation and delivery at the bedside, and checking employee IDs. OCR technologies improves health care by preventing many errors.

Hospitality, Barcode Solution


OCR’s productivity tools--wireless barcode scanners and printers--please both patrons and staff. They increase the efficiency of hotel and restaurant staff when taking food orders, preparing bills, and checking guests in or out from any location in the building.

Library, Barcode Solution


Libraries can profit from great productivity improvements in inventory, shelf, and counter operations when they choose an ORC barcode scanner and label printer. The simple-to-operate printer and extra- durable media make barcode labels tough enough to stick and stay on CDs, videos, books, and other library materials in spite of frequent handling.

Manufacturing, Barcode Solution


To compete, manufacturers need customized, just-in-time solutions to reap efficiencies and minimize the drag of outdated systems. By employing OCR barcode technology to control manufacturing operations, scrap and waste are reduced; productivity in administration, production and maintenance is improved; and lookup and recording time is reduced. OCR also offers solutions for efficient communications throughout your facilities and the management of product from raw materials to parts to finished goods. Employees are empowered to work more effectively by receiving time-sensitive information to support planning of resources (ERP), purchasing and logistics, and the management of customer relations (CRM).

Parcel Delivery, Barcode Solution

Postal/Parcel Delivery

When customers demand on-time delivery services, wireless LAN equipment from OCR offers better management and control of parcel deliveries with accurate, up-to-the-minute information. Your parcel and postal employees generate competitive advantages in reduced operational expenses and new revenue streams.

Retail, Barcode Solution


OCR’s expansive selection of wireless and barcode products enables retail businesses to offer extraordinary customer services while saving time and lowering costs. Effectively manage the entire customer experience from your front door to the sale and delivery. Behind the scene, barcoding tools streamline warehouse, back-room, front-store, and warehouse operations, creating additional efficiencies in time and money.

Transportation, Barcode Solution


Your passengers arrive quickly and safely to their destinations when employees are equipped with OCR's barcode and wireless LAN equipment. Ticketing, passes, and transfers are handled wirelessly and effortlessly with mobile data collection tools to manage lines and baggage handling, to ensure passenger convenience, and to enhance the security of employees.

Warehousing, Barcode Solution


Staff productivity significantly improves when warehouse workers can access real-time information anytime anywhere. OCR’s rugged, adaptable mobile barcode terminals and scanners enable your employees to gather information in real time, eliminating multiple time-wasting walks to and from the central office for information. With wireless data tools, warehouse staff can act promptly and efficiently, thus improving your company’s bottom line.

Wholesale, Barcode Solution


Wholesalers require up-to-the-minute information to create the perfect balance between satisfied customers and a lean inventory. OCR puts the supply/demand puzzle under your control with data collection systems that wirelessly route and track your inventory from receiving at the dock to shelving and loading the delivery truck. OCR products will help meet your goals for product turnover, just-in-time inventory, and healthy cash flow.


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