Web-Based Home Delivery System


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Web-Based Home Delivery System

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Web-Based Home Delivery System

ClearD Web-Based Home Delivery System

The ClearD Web-Based Home Delivery System automates the home delivery of furniture and appliances for retailers, manufacturers and carriers. It does this by combining mathematical algorithms with advanced web tools and mobile technology. This software suite is a highly automated and fully-integrated software solution that pre-plans, optimizes and facilitates the seamless movement of goods or services from point of origin to final destination.

It's all about saving time and money while improving customer relationships. In fact, the Clear Destination solution typically provides a return of 2 to 4 times on investment. This integrated software solution delivers many advantages for retailers, manufacturers and carriers. ClearD solves common problems such as address accuracy, distance calculation, optimal routing, work sequencing, real time tracking and tracing - it can even call customers between each stop. The system enhances operational transparency, improves communication flows and best of all - saves money.


  • ClearD is easy to use ... you'll experience success from the get-go.
  • The ClearD learning curve is small. Staff can be trained quickly.
  • ClearD adapts to you, not the reverse. The system is totally customizable to your company and your needs.
  • Switching to ClearD is as easy as using it. Our expert consulting team will support you every step of the way as you and your team make the transition or convert your present logistics to the ClearD Advantage.


  • Lowers fuel consumption & delivery costs
  • Raises the bar in customer service
  • Improves management control
  • Reduces environmental impact

Advantages for Retailers and Manufacturers

  • create delivery time windows of 2, 3 or 4 hours based on capacity, dynamic distance from pointAto B, factor in weather and traffic (even closed roads!) and achieve a deliver time per item
  • monitor real-time delivery status with wireless communication
  • receive damage reports with photos via wireless communication
  • receive daily and/or on demand automatic billing and auditing
  • provide customers with a real-time delivery and scheduling interface

Advantages for Private Fleet Operators and Independent Carriers

  • real time tracking of vehicles, people, inventory and tasks
  • automatically optimized routes with capacities and time windows
  • reduced distances, fuel costs, maintenance costs
  • increased fleet capacity by a minimum of 15%
  • address validation process to reduce failed deliveries
  • automated billing and driver compensation


Consumer expectations in respect to delivery of goods and services are focused on four critical components:

  • on-time delivery
  • getting it right the first time
  • professional service
  • first contact resolution

By providing the best Home Delivery experience on a consistent basis, Clear Destination is emerging as the market leader. You don’t have to take our word-the figures speak for themselves:

  • currently on board thousands of delivery vehicles every day.
  • the logistics software solution for over 200 carriers.
  • installed in over 2000 retail locations.
  • and these numbers are growing week by week.

For more information, download the brochure:

ClearD Product Brochure
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