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Voice Picking

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Voice Picking

OCR’s Voice Picking system is one of the foremost solutions for the implementation of a voice-directed warehouse management system. With a variety of functionality options, OCR can offer those interested in adding voice functionality to their existing WMS a simple, quick, and cheap way to do so. Though the majority of customers use the system for standard order picking by the customer, the system is capable of doing pick by line (otherwise known as pick to zero), stock checking, replenishment, cross docking, goods in as well as many other tasks which require stock movement.

OCR’s Voice Picking Solution not only allows for the incorporation of voice into a multitude of tasks, but also provides additional functionalities for more specific tasks and management. This includes real time reporting of shortages to trigger replenishment, multiple order picking, as well as real time monitoring of voice operators and tasks. All of this adds to the functionality of the customers WMS and increases organization and efficiency.

OCR's Voice Picking is based on the Vocollect voice system. Vocollect is the world's leading solution for voice-directed applications and is already employed by the majority of North American retail organizations. Vocollect has developed a large following in the USA and is used by many leading businesses in the USA, including Harvard Drug Group LLC, Giant Eagle, Sport Chalet, and Pep Boys.

OCR is capable of providing a wide range of choices regarding voice-directed operation solutions. This includes the option of setting up direct interfaces to all major WMS solutions, such as Manhattan, SAP, Infor, RedPrairie, Highjump and Aquitec. Additionally, the option to voice-enable any warehouse management system (WMS) using Vocollect’s Voicelink or OCR’s own middleware applications is available. On top of offering a wide variety of functionality options, OCR solutions also have the ability to enable operators of Fork Lift Trucks to go about their Putaway, Replenishment, Pallet Moves and Stock count duties in "Real Time". It enables warehouse workers and Fork Lift Truck operators to interact with pick-to-provide just in-time replenishment. As a result, the solution is able to ensure high availability on batch-based warehouse management systems (WMS). Because of the functionally rich middleware OCR provides, all of this is attainable without the need to significantly modify current systems.

Vocollect’s Talkman wireless, mobile computers can be mounted on a worker's belt for accessibility and a headset allows workers to receive voice instructions. Implementing this system will increase efficiency and provide a system for maintaining an organized workforce.

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