Food Transformation Industry


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Food Transformation Industry

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Food Transformation Industry

Manufacturing Execution System for Food Transformation Industry

The dynamic food and beverage industry’s changing environment places significant demands on manufacturing and logistics operations. To meet these demands, OCR CHAIN MES provides your business with the functionalities that meet these new demands.

Food Safety and Brand Risk Avoidance

Over the past years, consumer demands on food safety have increased significantly and issues of quality and safety have surfaced as major issues facing food and beverage businesses. On top of this, more asset visibility and traceability is being demanded by government regulators and power retailers. Standards are rising and new regulations are being created by institutions such as Carrefour and Wal-Mart.

Lack of concordance with safety regulations can lead to loss of consumer confidence in your business’ brand name and can result in the loss of a whole product line or even the company in its entirety. In the past, companies have tended to place large amount of resources into establishing and maintaining their brand’s value, but little has been done to minimize the risk of losing brand reputation. With the recent growing number of food security incidents, consumers are beginning to lose confidence in food and beverage providers.

Industry Challenges:

Product Recall

Food and Beverage businesses are particularly interested in taking extra risk avoidance measures as they recognize that recalling a product is five times as costly as the initial cost to distribute the products. Product recall operations can drain an immense amount of resources from your company, especially if products are exported. After the products are recalled, additional costs are incurred to clean up or get rid of the defective products, further increasing costs.

Material Management Complexity

To optimize efficiency of operations, OCR CHAIN manages the complex handling of data with LIFO, LEFO, FEFO, and FEFO methods and meets the functionality demands of the client’s demands of required shelf-life. The solution can be configured to fit user specified catch weight methods. By recording the weights of outbound and inbound products and noting any out-of-tolerance conditions, it can eliminate many errors.

Meeting Specific Customer Requirements

OCR CHAIN offers the user many options and can be configured to meet specific customers’ demands

  • Compliances/ Private Labeling
  • Kitting and Valued Added Services (VAS)
  • EDI transactions
  • Web-Based Inventory and Tracking Visibility for Supply Chain Partners/Customers
Extended Traceability Capabilities

Complete product traceability is a must in today’s food and beverage industry. OCR CHAIN’s traceability management solution delivers a system that offers complete end-to-end tracking of your inventories across the entire supply chain that is manageable in real time. All inventory items are given are identified uniquely with a designated License Plate (LP) which allows it to be accurately tracked by the system taking in to consideration its expiration date, lot number, serial number, etc. A complete record of activities is kept by the system so that there is complete, real-time visibility of all activities. All materials that are used throughout the separate production stages are tracked by the system along the supply chain and the system comes with a recall function as well as an ingredient tracking system.

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