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Event Attendee Software

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Event Attendee Software

Barcode Conference Event Attendee Time Tracker

This simple to use system is a powerful tool for managing an unlimited number events and sessions and for tracking thousands of event attendees.

The OCR Canada Barcode Event Time Tracker is an all-inclusive solution that delivers the means for your business to print barcodes, register attendees, view/print reports for your attendee/event/session, and scan event/ attendee barcodes.

This event time tracking solution can be used for seminars, conferences, corporate events/meetings, trade shows, classes/lectures/tests, training sessions/certifications, or any other type of event which requires an attendance tracking solution. If needed, the OCR Canada Barcode Event Time Tracker can track the time an attendee spent in a session or event. This feature is perfect for monitoring hours spent in certification sessions to ensure that attendees achieve minimum attendance requirements.

Application Features

  • Able to track time attendee has spent in events or sessions
  • Able to track attendance for an unlimited number of sessions or events
  • Records all in/out transactions by attendee for an unlimited number of sessions

Manage/View/Print Attendee event/session details

  • Filters allow you to print/view/manage details for specific times/dates, sessions, events, groups, attendees, etc.
  • Capability of deleting/adding/editing attendee data
  • Filter allows admin to quickly obtain and display details of each attendee


  • Ability to import attendees or manually delete/add/edit attendee information
  • Capability of using pre-printed barcodes as well as capability to print attendee barcodes manually
  • Capability to export data collected for external systems for further analysis
  • Retrieval from handheld device simply by placing the unit in its cradle
  • Capability to integrate data into Microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL Server
  • Supports an unlimited number of users and handheld devices
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