Discrete and Flow/Batch Production


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Discrete and Flow/Batch Production

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Discrete and Flow/Batch Production

Manufacturing Execution System for Discrete and Flow/Batch Production

As a complete Manufacturing Execution System, OCR’s MES solution is designed for the management of manufacturing tasks. Using OCR CHAIN, the system tracks the production process in real time and ensures that optimum, high-quality output production is achieved.

An integrated solution for Manufacturing Execution, Traceability, and Quality Control

Challenges in the Manufacturing Industry

Many industries are dynamic and can place specific demands on their logistics and manufacturing operations. Existing pressures across industries include pressures to:

  • Reduce manufacturing cost
  • Improve product quality
  • Increase return on assets
  • Increase customer and market responsiveness

Because of this, many new methods are being put into place which effect the following concepts:

  • Adaptive manufacturing methods
  • Increased manufacturing Real time inventory visibility and control
  • Synchronization of supply chain
  • Labour management
  • Quality management
  • Product traceability and recall

OCR’s MES will enable your business to achieve a world class level efficiency of manufacturing.

Application Benefits

Shop floor control

OCR MES delivers a complete solution which offers the means to complete a wide array of manufacturing tasks, such as creating production schedules, dispatching and tracking work orders (WO) in real time, capturing data for tracing and managing labour, as well as many others. Mobile devices are a key component to the solution and allow information to become available on the production floor in real time. It also offers the ability to track both labour and production processes in real time.

Recalls management

Ingredient and product recalls are processes which require a lot of attention and can often involve five times the amount of financial resources than it takes up to distribute. With OCR CHAIN, the entire process becomes traceable, allowing for increased control and visibility. The solution allows the creation of instant recall reports, which include rework tracking.

Each product is identified as unique and the solution offers the ability to completely track the item’s life-cycle. Using the detailed information that is kept track of, your business can utilize performance indicators in order to take proactive, informed control. The user of the solution is able to make more informed decisions as a result of the real-time, accurate information provided.

Integration of production and warehousing functions.

A high level of workforce coordination is needed when dealing with production and warehouse operations. Using user-configurable, varying business algorithms and rules, OCR CHAIN is able to aid in the organization of your workers and optimize their efficiency. Using a radio frequency (RF) network, tasks can be dispatched across the floor in order to keep workers in the mix. This will keep workers informed and help ensure that work processes are completed error-free.

Real time quality control

OCR CHAIN can be used to gather check-list data in real time and automatically detects errors when unexpected results are entered into the system and suggests corrective actions. To verify processes, electronic signatures can be used.

OCR CHAIN manages operation and material costs so that your business can accurately control and manage costs. The solution is compatible with an ERP accounting program.

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