Brokerage Management


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Brokerage Management

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Brokerage Management

Brokerage Management

Maintaining the Flow of Goods

Self-filing importers and custom brokers must keep up with newly implemented regulations, initiatives, and custom mandates to ensure that the flow of goods is not disrupted, even across borders. Thus, importers and brokers need a system to manage various processes such as valuation, customs compliance, HTS (harmonized tariff schedule) classifications, OGA (other government agency procedures, and PGA (Participating Government Agency) procedures.

As an on-demand, hosted solution, OCR Editrade Customs Link enables importers and brokers to easily collect data and prepare it for post-entry compliance and Customs Automated Brokerage Interface (ABI) entries. Data can be collected in real-time using this solution to speed processing and improve accuracy.

OCR Editrade Customs Link is part of the OCR Global Logistics Network (GLN), which provides the capability to connect with trade partners and exchange information with them in order to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and delivery performance. OCR GLN provides companies with the means to more effectively manage their logistics book-to-bill process, meet regulatory requirements, effectively communicate with partners, optimize fleet performance, and track inventory.

Application Benefits

  • Accurately capture data with one-time capture and flow through so that there is no need to re-enter information
  • Ability to quickly recall product and customer data
  • Add-ons allow for increased functionality
  • Solution can be scaled to meet business requirements
  • Can be integrated into existing systems to increase return on investment
  • Reduce interruptions in flow of goods and risk of fines for misclassifications, missteps in filing, or inappropriate trade agreement use
  • Reduce maintenance costs with a web-based SaaS model

Application Features

  • Clear, logical data entry screens
  • Initial entry summary information flows through to related forms so there is no need to re-enter info
  • Product file stores item details (SKU, HTS, model, OGA)
  • Displays fees and duties for individual line items and total entry summary
  • Automatically handles GSP expiration periods
  • Handles special entry types including FTZ entry (06), electronic In-bond (QP/WP), American goods returned, warehouse entry and withdrawals, as well as reconciliation
  • Creates standard reports for duty payments, entry summaries, audits, and user statistics
  • Email transmission of reports and documents
  • Visual statement tracking
  • Integrates with EDI, XML, and third-party accounting applications
  • Tracking and tracing
  • Database keeps track of sell rates and carrier tariffs by station, trade land, and client
  • Customer-facing extranet for users and partners
  • OCR Reporting Services allow for reporting analytics
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