Bookings and Reservations


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Bookings and Reservations

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Bookings and Reservations

Bookings and Reservations

OCR’s Bookings and Reservations solutions provides visibility of contracts, shipment details and rates from locations across the globe to ensure more informed decisions are made. Carriers can deal with routing, distribution of products, rate information to forwarders and monitor capacity in real time around the clock. Using the system, forwarders can view carrier information and are able to make bookings electronically without the need for software. With this solution, you can better analyze your business’ status and improve overall margins and asset utilization as the system allows you to view cost tables and contracts in real time. Forwarders are also given the capability to make bookings from in-house systems.

Application Benefits and Capabilities

Efficiency Gains
  • Reduction of time-consuming faxes and calls
  • Reduces time spent on administrative tasks
  • Fast confirmation of bookings
  • Makes product details, routings, flight and truck details, rates, and capacity available without
  • Standardized booking processes can be aligned across branches/gateways having to call several carriers
  • Reduce time spent on checking and making bookings
  • 24/7 electronic booking makes customer service flexible

Revenue Opportunities

  • Reach your target market for existing or new offerings more effectively
  • Earn new business or recover lost business from forwarders who prefer carriers with online services
  • Customers have 24/7 access, increasing business further
  • A shared record of transaction reduces occurrences of conflict
  • Organization and management system allows for better planning decisions to be made
  • Seamless integration with back end system
  • Reduced costs for carriers and forwarders
  • Access to promotional rates, some only available via OCR GF-X Exchange

Components Included

  • OCR Private Label Exchange
  • OCR GF-X Exchange
  • OCR Cargo Booker
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