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3PL Warehouse and Distribution Management Solution 3PL Warehouse and Distribution Management SolutionOCR
Turn unused warehouse space into profit with the 3PL Shipping and Warehousing Management Solution.
All Present! Conference and Event Attendance All Present! Conference and Event AttendanceOCR
With bar-coded badges on all attendees, event organizers can easily and accurately record attendance at sessions using hand-held mobile bar code scanners. During and at the conclusion of an event, its directors will know who attended what sessionand potentially even the exact time they were there!
Asset Tracking Asset TrackingOCR
Asset Tracking mobilizes your business audit tracking system. Asset Tracking provides the mobile functionality that most asset tracking solutions lack. It is fully compatible with most major corporate audit software software.
Barcode Mobile Inspection Barcode Mobile InspectionOCR
No matter what you are inspecting, the Barcode Mobile Inspection solution has what you need. From inspection certificates of delivery to work-order dispatches, Barcode Mobile Inspection can meet your business needs as it is an all-inclusive solution with plenty features that can simplify the inspection process.
Bartender Age Verification System Bartender Age Verification SystemOCR
The Bartender Age Verification system is an ideal solution for restaurants or bars who need to identify the legal age of customers.
Bartender Point of Sale Solution Bartender Point of Sale SolutionOCR
The bartender point of sale solution station offers a comprehensive system for hospitality environments, specifically bars, night clubs, and taverns.
BlackBerry Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Application BlackBerry Bluetooth Barcode Scanner ApplicationOCR
Add barcode data collection capabilities to your BlackBerry device with our intuitive BlackBerry Bluetooth Barcode Scanner Application. The solution can be customized to suit your needs and once the barcode scanner is paired with your BlackBerry, the software will allow you to scan and collect data.
Bookings and Reservations Bookings and ReservationsOCR
OCRs Bookings and Reservations solutions provides visibility of contracts, shipment details and rates from locations across the globe to ensure more informed decisions are made.
Brokerage Management Brokerage ManagementOCR
OCR Editrade Customs Link is part of the OCR Global Logistics Network (GLN), which provides the capability to connect with trade partners and exchange information with them in order to maintain high levels of customer satisfaction and delivery performance.
CaptionIt! Mobile Barcode, Picture, Video, and Data Collection CaptionIt! Mobile Barcode, Picture, Video, and Data CollectionOCR
CaptionIt! blends barcode applications with pictures. It allows you to take videos or pictures with a PDA by turning your PDA into a digital camera and video recorder which will map barcodes and text to your multimedia.
Carousel Picking Solution Carousel Picking SolutionOCR
OCR integrates a complete carousel picking solution into your warehouse management system. The solution uses sophisticated picking algorithms to organize horizontal, vertical, and vertical lift carousels.
Check Out/In Tracking Check Out/In TrackingOCR
OCRs Check Out/In Tracking solution allows for the automation of all essential item lifecycle management tasks. It allows you to follow and manage an items complete lifecycle and automates the full process.
Chemical and Drum Tracking Chemical and Drum TrackingOCR
OCRs Chemical and Drum Tracking Solution streamlines and simplifies the process of tracking the movement of chemical drums with a comprehensive and accurate tracking and reporting system.
CIO Information Technology Management Solution CIO Information Technology Management SolutionOCR
CIO Information Technology Management solution offers a way for Chief Information Officers to track and manage IT investments, including desktops, laptops, servers, and more.
Connectivity & Messaging Connectivity & MessagingOCR
OCR Connectivity & Messaging solution offers one of the largest connected networks of logistics service providers and connected transportations. It includes over 30 ocean, 90 air, and 1400 truck carriers and connects to regulatory agencies.
Cordless Data Entry Validation Software Cordless Data Entry Validation SoftwareOCR
Remote data collection with wireless barcode scanners into Windows applications do not have the capabilities to provide feedback to the remote user with a success or failure indicator.
Customs Filing & Compliance Customs Filing & ComplianceOCR
OCR Customs Filing & Compliance solution helps your business comply to regulations for international shipping through security initiatives and international customs agencies.
Daily Planning (Route Planning) Daily Planning (Route Planning)OCR
OCR Daily Route Planning solution delivers a system which allows your business to continuously make dependable routes and use fewer drivers and trucks.
Delivery Appointment Reservations Delivery Appointment ReservationsOCR
OCR Reservations works to give you a competitive advantage in logistic processes such as delivery appointment scheduling.
Delivery Management Suite Delivery Management SuiteOCR
The OCR Delivery Management Suite combines planning, designing, execution, performance management, and communication solutions in order to help retailers, manufacturers, service providers, distributors, and logistics service providers to optimize their outgoing and incoming delivery performance.
Direct Store Delivery Accounting Assistance Solution Direct Store Delivery Accounting Assistance SolutionOCR
Driver Direct Store Delivery Accounting Assistance Solution provides field ready DSD and route accounting solutions which work to reduce operational costs by increasing productivity and providing enhanced customer experience.
Direct Store Delivery Field Sales Rep Solution Direct Store Delivery Field Sales Rep SolutionOCR
The Direct Store Delivery solution for field sales representatives gives mobile workers the tools to submit orders from any location in real time in order to meet their needs.
Discrete and Flow/Batch Production Discrete and Flow/Batch ProductionOCR
As a complete Manufacturing Execution System, OCRs MES solution is designed for the management of manufacturing tasks. Using OCR CHAIN, the system tracks the production process in real time and ensures that optimum, high-quality output production is achieved.
Dock Appointment Scheduling Dock Appointment SchedulingOCR
The OCR Dock Appointment Scheduling is a collaborative solution which provides shippers and carriers with the tools to create a dock door scheduling appointment system.
Driver Proof of Delivery Solution Driver Proof of Delivery SolutionOCR
Driver Proof of Delivery PLUS provides your business with a proof of delivery solution which is highly flexible and features a simple to use interface for rapid training.
Energy and Utilities RFID Tracking Solution Energy and Utilities RFID Tracking SolutionOCR
In the utilities industry, success depends on timely, error-free delivery of products and services through a complex supply chain. Failures which cost even a short amount of time at any point in the supply chain can cause a ripple effect and turn into a multimillion-dollar loss in this capital intensive business.
Enterprise Mobility Application Software Enterprise Mobility Application SoftwareOCR
Let OCR Canada create an application that fits your specific requirements.
Event Attendee Software Event Attendee SoftwareOCR
The OCR Canada Barcode Event Attendance Tracking System is an all in one turnkey solution that allows your company to register attendees, print barcodes, scan event/attendee barcodes and view/print reports for your attendee/event/session data.
Evidence Tracking Evidence TrackingOCR
OCRs evidence tracking solution features a fully customizable solution which can handle evidence tracking processes from submission all the way through to the disposal process.
Facility Inventory Management Tracking Solution Facility Inventory Management Tracking SolutionOCR
OCRs Facility Inventory Management solution allows administration to efficiently track stock and manage inventory levels.
Field Service Management Field Service ManagementOCR
OCRs Field Service Management solution gives your business the tools to optimize field service processes in order to improve productivity and customer service.
Field Technician HVAC Services Solution Field Technician HVAC Services SolutionOCR
The Field Technician HVAC Services solution allows users to take their HVAC field service worker deployments and processes to the next level.
Firefighter Equipment Readiness Solution Firefighter Equipment Readiness SolutionOCR
The Firefighter Equipment Readiness Solution allows users to automate their manual paper and clipboard based processes with electronic data capturing solutions.
Firefighter Mobile Asset Inspection Solution Firefighter Mobile Asset Inspection SolutionOCR
Firefighter Mobile Asset Inspection provides you with a flexible and efficient mobile inspection solution which provides you with the tools to easily and accurately monitor your assets.
Fixed and Capital Asset Tracking Fixed and Capital Asset TrackingOCR
Fixed Capital and Asset Tracking provides a flexible, barcode based, and RFID capable asset management solution.
Fixed Asset Tracking Warehouse Management Solution Fixed Asset Tracking Warehouse Management SolutionOCR
OCRs Fixed Asset Tracking Warehouse Management Solution offers your business the tools needed to make fixed asset tracking simple.
Food Transformation Industry Food Transformation IndustryOCR
The dynamic food and beverage industrys changing environment places significant demands on manufacturing and logistics operations. To meet these demands, OCR CHAIN MES provides your business with the functionalities that meet these new demands.
Forwarding Management Forwarding ManagementOCR
OCR Forwarder Logic is an operations platform which provides comprehensive, on-demand management, planning, and execution of freight operations, including multiple modes of domestic and international importing and exporting.
Freight Management Activations & Messaging Freight Management Activations & MessagingOCR
The OCR GLN allows multi-modal communication which simplifies freight and cargo management processes through the use of electronic services provided to the cargo industry and companies who partake in importing, exporting, and domestic transportation.
Global Logistics Network Global Logistics NetworkOCR
As one of the worlds largest multimodal transportation provider networks, the OCR Global Logistics Network (GLN) works to facilitate the exchange of logistics information and provide you with value-added functions that leverage this information in order to streamline logistics processes.
Government Services RFID Solutions Government Services RFID SolutionsOCR
In order to succeed, government institutions must provide high-quality effective services institutions while becoming more efficient and business-focused. Today, RFID technology delivers the means needed to meet these challenges.
Health and Natural Products Point of Sale Solution Health and Natural Products Point of Sale SolutionOCR
This retail solution provides you with the tools to set up a point of sale retail management system specifically designed for a health and natural products retailer.
Home Delivery Software Home Delivery SoftwareOCR
Every year, millions of pieces of furniture and appliances are delivered and often result in unsatisfactory experiences by both buyers and sellers due to frustrating waits and every so often: no shows which require the arrangement of another trip.
Hospital Patient Management Identification Printing System Hospital Patient Management Identification Printing SystemOCR
The Hospital Patient Management and Identification system is a pain-free printing solution for healthcare institutions, hospitals, and organizations in need of a dedicated thermal wristband printing identification system.
Hospital Supply Room Replenishment Solution Hospital Supply Room Replenishment SolutionOCR
This medical supply replenishment system was specifically designed to improve the re-ordering process of hospital supplies.
Hospitality Tableside Service Solution Hospitality Tableside Service SolutionOCR
The Hospitality Tableside Service Solution provides your hospitality business with the tools to streamline your operations, whether you are operating a dining room, bar, or take-out counter.
Inventory Control Inventory ControlOCR
OCRs Inventory Control solution offers a system that provides complete control over all inventory tasks including: shipping and receiving, moves, purchase orders, adjustments, physical inventory counts, pick lists, BOMs, and full reporting.
Local Haulage/Interline Local Haulage/InterlineOCR
OCR Local Haulage is designed to automate load tendering, invoice settlement, and proof-of-delivery processes and is specifically designed for 3PLs, freight forwarders, and logistics service providers.
Logistics Management Solutions Logistics Management SolutionsOCR
OCRs Logistics Management Solution delivers a network for providing messaging service between shipment management services for carriers, logistics trading partners and private fleet management services by combining the OCR Global Logistics Network with a multi-modal network and other business applications.
Mailroom Management Package Tracking Solution Mailroom Management Package Tracking SolutionOCR
Designed specifically for mailrooms, the MailRoom Manager Package provides the tools to track and manage the complete chain of mailroom operations, including inbound, mailing, and packaging processes.
Manufacturing Execution System Manufacturing Execution SystemOCR
The dynamic manufacturing industry is always evolving and, to remain successful, you must meet the changing demands. In order to maintain overall growth and health of your business, you must keep on top of these changes in processes and technology.
Manufacturing RFID Inventory Tracking Solution Manufacturing RFID Inventory Tracking SolutionOCR
Efficiency has never been more important in the manufacturing industry than it is today. Faced with increased competition, globalization, and other economic pressures, manufacturers must always look for ways to lower people and material costs while increasing asset utilization and productivity.
Medical Office Wireless Networking Solution Medical Office Wireless Networking SolutionOCR
The Medical Office Wireless Networking Solution is designed to provide a secure wireless network for small medical offices.
Medical Supplies Inventory Medical Supplies InventoryOCR
Medical Supplies Inventory management solution provides you with the tools to track and control medical supplies, bandages, pharmaceuticals, and recalls as well as provides you with the means to perform batch tracking.
Membership Tracking Software Membership Tracking SoftwareOCR
Membership Tracking Software delivers a simple system that allows you to register, track, and badge your members.
Mobile & Wireless Mobile & WirelessOCR
OCR MobileLink, Dispatch and Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) solutions combine planning processes, delivery status viewing, dispatch, and wireless communications in order to provide a mobile, wireless solution.
Mobile Asset Tracking Mobile Asset TrackingOCR
The Mobile Asset Tracking solution is perfect for the increasing demands of todays mobile workforce. The solution includes MobileAsset software as well as either the WPA1200wm mobile computer with Windows Mobile 5.0 or WPA1200 mobile computer with Windows CE 5.0. MobileAsset runs well while running on both operating systems and the solution can be configured to meet your business needs.
Mobile Event Management Point of Sale Solution Mobile Event Management Point of Sale SolutionOCR
The Mobile Event Management solution provides a comprehensive point of sale and management kit for use with a mobile device.
Mobile Maintenance Management Solution Mobile Maintenance Management SolutionOCR
Mobile Maintenance Management Solution provides a flexible and efficient mobile management solution designed to ensure accurate electronic data collection of assets within the field.
Mobile POS Mobile POSOCR
OCRs Mobile POS Software converts the Motorola MC75 mobile handheld device into a fully functional checkout device. The system can improve customer experience with its ability to move to wherever customers might be.
Multimodal Track & Trace Multimodal Track & TraceOCR
OCR Multimodal Track & Trace solution offers transportation and logistics service providers with the tools to track the status of current shipments.
NX9000 Campus Integrated Sevices Controller NX9000 Campus Integrated Sevices ControllerOCR
Whether deploying a network on a campus, in a hospital, in a K-12 school district, or across retail store branches, the NX 9000 Integrated Services Controller can be integrated to support and handle multiple sites and thousands of users.
Office Management Asset Tracking Solution Office Management Asset Tracking SolutionOCR
Office Management Asset Tracking provides managers with the tools to simply track and control their fixed assets. Capable of tracking equipment, computers, furniture, vehicles, and other valuable assets, this solution offers an intuitive tracking application which makes use of an easy-to-use barcode scanner.
Office Management File Tracking Solution Office Management File Tracking SolutionOCR
Accurately track, file, and update any file management system with the Office Management File Tracking Solution.
On Location Sales Force Automation Solution On Location Sales Force Automation SolutionOCR
Enable field sales representatives to quickly and easily create and submit orders from any location in the field, allowing them to more efficiently fulfill their duties.
On-Demand Fleet Management On-Demand Fleet ManagementOCR
OCRs On-Demand Fleet Management solution delivers an affordable, simple way to plan and optimize dispatch routing as well as monitor deliveries in real time.
PCI Security Retail Solution PCI Security Retail SolutionOCR
The PCI Security Retail Solution provides you with the latest encrypted hardware and software solutions to help with PCI Compliancy.
PCI Wireless Compliance PCI Wireless ComplianceOCR
The payment card industry (PCI) now mandates stricter security measures for wireless and imposes significant penalties for non-compliance. This PCI Wireless Compliance white paper explains the new requirements for wireless data security standards (DSS) and offers a summary of solutions designed by Motorolas Enterprise Wireless LAN group to enable PCI compliance right out of the box, cost-effective validation of compliance, and strong wireless security.
Point of Sale Hospitality Management Solution Point of Sale Hospitality Management SolutionOCR
This Point of Sale Hospitality Management Solution provides the ideal point of sale solution for hospitality businesses in order to help simplify operations and improve customer service.
Police Equipment Readiness Check Solution Police Equipment Readiness Check SolutionOCR
The Cop Equipment Readiness solution provides users with the tools to automate their paper and clipboard based workflows into more efficient electronic data capturing solutions.
Police Evidence Collection Solution Police Evidence Collection SolutionOCR
OCRs Police Evidence Collection Solution is a comprehensive system designed to manage and control the chain of custody at the crime scene.
Police ID-Citation Traffic Ticket Solution Police ID-Citation Traffic Ticket SolutionOCR
The Police ID-Citation Traffic Ticket Solution provides the mission critical support needed under any environmental conditions, whether it be day or night.
Police Mobile eEnforcement Parking Ticket Solution Police Mobile eEnforcement Parking Ticket SolutionOCR
The Police Mobile eEnforcement solution provides officers with the tools to quickly and efficiently issue parking violations. The form driven system allows users to customize screens in order to capture all the needed data to print a ticket on site.
Police Officer E-Citation Issuing Solution Police Officer E-Citation Issuing SolutionOCR
Police Officer E-Citation Issuing Solution provides a comprehensive, automated system which allows police officers to quickly and efficiently issue any variety of citation by using a mobile computer.
Port Security Screening Solution Port Security Screening SolutionOCR
The Port Authority Security Screening Solution provides ports throughout North America with the tools to improve security measures.
Produce Inventory Control Software Produce Inventory Control SoftwareOCR
More and more, todays produce industry is demanding traceability and control over inventory. The Produce Inventory Control Software solution can help your company meet these increasing demands as it is specially designed in order to adapt to the fast paced produce industry
Produce Traceability Program Produce Traceability ProgramOCR
Produce Traceability Program is a lot tracing solution that is flexible enough to be used by growers to track any type of produce.
Proximity Awareness and Analytics Customer Interaction Proximity Awareness and Analytics Customer InteractionOCR
Set up Wi-Fi interactivity in order to engage your customers, optimize facility design, improve service, sharpen insights, and maximize your resource utilization.
QuickBooks Point of Sale Retail Solution QuickBooks Point of Sale Retail SolutionOCR
QuickBooks Point of Sale Retail Solution combines HPs top of the line retail point of sale system with Intuits comprehensive QuickBooks Point of Sale Pro Software in order to set up a fully functional POS system for your business.
Reception Desk Visitor Management Solution Reception Desk Visitor Management SolutionOCR
The Reception Desk Visitor Management Solution offers your company the ability to track visitors who enter or leave your facilities, providing a more secure environment.
Reporting Services Reporting ServicesOCR
OCR Reporting Service solution offers the tools needed to undertake standard reporting and conveniently works with other OCR solutions as well as other open database-compliant (ODBC) systems.
Restaurant Hospitality Point of Sale Solution Restaurant Hospitality Point of Sale SolutionOCR
Exclusively designed for the hospitality market, this innovative system uses HPs RP3000 retail POS system and pcAmericas Restaurant Express Software in order to provide you with best in class product support for your POS system.
Retail Advertisement Simple Digital Signage Solution Retail Advertisement Simple Digital Signage SolutionOCR
OCRs Retail Advertisement Digital Signage solution provides a highly visible, cost efficient means of advertising.
RFID Asset Transportation Solution RFID Asset Transportation SolutionOCR
Challenges associated with travel and transportation must be faced by a wide variety of industries. The RFID Asset Transportation solution offers you a system to transport assets faster, cheaper, and more safely.
RFID Healthcare Inventory Tracking Solution RFID Healthcare Inventory Tracking SolutionOCR
RFID tracking allows you to accurately track supplies, equipment, as well as other assets in order to use and manage them more efficiently. Improved management frees up more time and resources which can be devoted to your patients.
RFID Inventory Asset Management Solution RFID Inventory Asset Management SolutionOCR
RFID technology provides enterprise companies with the ability to track and manage critical assets. It provides real-time asset tracking and provides unprecedented accuracy, visibility, and security.
RFID Services and Software RFID Services and SoftwareOCR
*See Also: RFID > Services and Software
At OCR, our project managers, sales, and software developers, with their rich project management and engineering backgrounds, can help develop a successful RFID system tailored to meet your needs.
Sales & Merchandiser Planning Sales & Merchandiser PlanningOCR
OCR Sales and Merchandiser Management facilitates route building and optimization, resource planning, as well as tracking of delivery processes and your mobile work force, including sales representatives, merchandisers, and territory managers.
Sales Rep Field Service Merchandising Solution Sales Rep Field Service Merchandising SolutionOCR
This field service merchandising solution provides sales representatives a tool to arrange store and promotional displays as well as for managing daily tasks.
Sales Representative Route Sales Solution Sales Representative Route Sales SolutionOCR
This sales solution for sales representative combines the use of pre-sales and delivery functionalities in order to enable mobile workers to complete orders on the spot using their vehicle inventory.
SAP Asset Tracking & Compliance Software SAP Asset Tracking & Compliance SoftwareOCR
When it comes to mobilizing the process of physical asset auditing OCR has the right solution. Asset Trak is a revolutionary mobile asset auditing solution that integrates with legacy asset management solutions. Asset Trak extends the ROI on your existing IT investments by working with the applications and databases you use now for tracking physical assets.
School Student Tracking System School Student Tracking SystemOCR
The School Student Tracking System is designed to facilitate the management of a student identification card system which offers a tracking system, allowing staff to accurately track attendance and account for students.
Security Guard ID Badge Creator Solution Security Guard ID Badge Creator SolutionOCR
The Security Guard ID Badge Creator Solution makes the creation of custom identification cards simple.
Security Membership Management Solution Security Membership Management SolutionOCR
The Security Membership Management Solution offers a flexible and efficient solution specifically designed for the creation of membership ID badges at a health club, cruise line, vacation retreat, or spa.
Self Registration Visitor Management Solution Self Registration Visitor Management SolutionOCR
The Self Registration Visitor Management Solution allows you to improve security measures by enabling you to keep track of all visitors entering and leaving your facilities.
Shipment Management Shipment ManagementOCR
OCR Shipment Management enables transportation and logistics services providers with a branded, value-added supply chain management system in order to improve their service and manufacturing and retail customers experience.
Stockroom Cycle Count Inventory Management Solution Stockroom Cycle Count Inventory Management SolutionOCR
The Stockroom Inventory Management Solution provides users with a system for tracking item levels and movements as well as facilitates physical inventory and cycle count processes in the stockroom, warehouse, distribution center, or store.
Stockroom Data Collection Inventory Management Stockroom Data Collection Inventory ManagementOCR
The Stockroom Data Collection Inventory Management solution offers users an easy-to-use data collection system which automates physical inventory operations.
Stockroom Receiving Inventory Management Solution Stockroom Receiving Inventory Management SolutionOCR
The stockroom Receiving Inventory Management Solution provides a system which makes inventory tracking simple. Track item levels and movement as well as take physical inventories or cycle counts with a Motorola MC55 handheld device.
Stockroom Tracking Inventory Management Solution Stockroom Tracking Inventory Management SolutionOCR
This inventory management solution makes inventory tracking simple. This system allows you to easily track inventory levels and movement as well as facilitates physical inventories or cycle counts with the use of comprehensive inventory tracking application and an Intermec CK71 handheld device.
Stockroom Warehouse Management Solution Stockroom Warehouse Management SolutionOCR
The Stockroom Warehouse Management Solution combines the use of mobile computers and a Wi-Fi network with x10DATA Mobile and Microsoft Dynamics GP in order to enable warehouse managers to manage and track their inventory.
Strategic Delivery Planning Strategic Delivery PlanningOCR
OCR Strategic Delivery Planning helps companies build new services, sales territories and replenishment strategies designed to maximize customer service and profit.
Stylist Salon and Spa Point of Sale Solution Stylist Salon and Spa Point of Sale SolutionOCR
This stylist salon and spa point of sale solution combines the use of a top of the line retail POS system with MIKALs simple, intuitive Salon and spa software.
Supply Chain Visibility Supply Chain VisibilityOCR
OCR Supply Chain Visibility provides an all-inclusive solution which provides visibility and messaging services. The solution provides information on inventory, shipments, and orders across multiple trading partners and modes of transportation.
TA05 Time and Attendance System TA05 Time and Attendance SystemOCR
The TA05 Time and Attendance System automates your business paper time sheet and is a much more efficient way of managing employee hours. It collects employee data such as start time, work tasks, and end time and inputs the data to a database.
Textile Roll Tracking Textile Roll TrackingOCR
ASAP Systems Textile Roll Tracking provides textile manufacturers and handlers with a system to track complex variables associated to textile rolls. Individual rolls can be identified using a manufacturers roll identifier or unique id numbers can be generated by a system and applied using barcode labels.
Tool Tracking Tool TrackingOCR
Whether tracking people, equipment, vehicles, documents, or tools Tool Tracking provides you with a system for tracking and controlling your assets.
Transport Contract & Rate Management Transport Contract & Rate ManagementOCR
OCRs Contract and Rate Management solution provides you with a sophisticated, accurate rate management services.
Transportation Management Transportation ManagementOCR
OCR Transportation Management delivers a complete system for managing contract carriers.
Transportation Management System Transportation Management SystemOCR
OCR CHAIN integrated with Scancode ATMS delivers a comprehensive logistics solution which provides an efficient system for planning and executing shipping and warehouse activities at multiple touch-points across the distribution chain.
ViewPoint WIP Tracking Software ViewPoint WIP Tracking SoftwareOCR
ViewPoint is Aurora Bar Code Technologies simplistic packaged system solution, dedicated primarily to the tracking of jobs or things that move through a number of tasks, production locations, work areasor whatever!
Voice Picking Voice PickingOCR
OCRs Voice Picking system is one of the foremost solutions for the implementation of a voice-directed warehouse management system. With a variety of functionality options, OCR can offer those interested in adding voice functionality to their existing WMS a simple, quick, and cheap way to do so.
Voice Recognition for a More Productive Operation Voice Recognition for a More Productive OperationOCR
Voice-enabled solutions work to improve workplace productivity and eliminate costly operations such as order checking in a warehouse or manufacturing setting.
Waiter Tableside Point of Sale Solution Waiter Tableside Point of Sale SolutionOCR
The Waiter Tableside Point of Sale Solution provides you the functionalities required to carry out mobile point of sale transactions. This Point of Sale mobile unit solution features all the capabilities as a regular Point of Sale system.
Warehouse and Delivery Management Solution Warehouse and Delivery Management SolutionOCR
The Delivery Person Warehouse Management solution is a flexible and efficient solution designed to track warehouse inventory and plan delivery routes in order to optimize inventory levels.
Warehouse and Distribution Management Solution Warehouse and Distribution Management SolutionOCR
The Warehouse and Distribution Management Solution provides users with the ability to transform their empty warehouse into an efficient workplace.
Warehouse Management System Warehouse Management SystemOCR
OCR Warehouse Management System (WMS) software is an open architecture, highly configurable, standards based WMS designed for use in mission-critical, time sensitive, multiple customer, and high SKU volume warehouse environments.
Warehouse Management System for Distribution Warehouse Management System for DistributionOCR
The OCR CHAIN WMS solution is a complete Warehouse Management System design for managing complex distribution facility in order to maximize the efficiency of the operations.
Warehouse Management System for Manufacturing Warehouse Management System for ManufacturingOCR
A successful distribution network in the logistics industry today must have a system which supports a variety of functionalities, including just-in-time inventory, streamlined business practices, and order accuracy. If these, as well as other, requirements are met then optimum efficiency can be achieved, increasing profits and customer satisfaction. OCR CHAIN Warehouse Management System can provide your business with the means to attain these results and more.
Warehouse Management System for Third Party Logistics (3PL) Warehouse Management System for Third Party Logistics (3PL)OCR
Third party logistics organisations have special needs for warehouse operations. Managing multiple clients in the same facility, with specific requirements, for specific clients, involving different business rules, is the key to ensure the level of service expected by more and more demanding customers.
Wholesale Distribution RFID Warehouse Management Solution Wholesale Distribution RFID Warehouse Management SolutionOCR
Wholesale Distribution RFID Warehouse Management Solution provides wholesale distributors with a system to manage virtual trading networks and allow them to manage inventory located at partner/supplier depots, at loading docks, on the road, or inside their four walls.
WLAN Cloud Services Network Management Solution WLAN Cloud Services Network Management SolutionOCR
Currently available premise-based WLAN network management services do not always provide the functionality customers need. WLAN Cloud Services changes that with an SaaS delivery model with a variety of functionalities.
WMS Warehouse Management System WMS Warehouse Management SystemOCR
This solution provides a Warehouse Management System (WMS) which is capable of supporting day-to-day operations in a warehouse. The system provides the management tools you need in order to track and control inventory operations in and outside your facility or multiple facilities.
WWMS Wireless Warehouse Management System WWMS Wireless Warehouse Management SystemOCR
OCRs Wireless Warehouse Management System (WMS) software offers an organized, mobile solution perfect for any size warehouse and can even be adapted to accommodate the management of multiple warehouses at once.
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