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Aerohive Networks reduces the costs and the complexities of present-day networks with their cloud-enabled solutions for Wi-Fi and routing in medium to large branch offices, enterprise headquarters, and teleworkers. Single points of failure (SPOF) and expensive controllers are eliminated by Aerohive’s cutting-edge distributed control Wi-Fi architecture, their private or public cloud network management, and their VPN and routing applications.
OCR Canada combines the best software for wireless barcode scanners with the latest products to create applications able to perform every function required by your business, including warehousing, inventory, asset management, and many others. OCR software for wireless barcode readers seamlessly integrates with your current systems or systems planned for future installation, in either a batch process or a real-time mode.
Aruba Networks offers latest-generation software and solutions for network access in mobile enterprises. Aruba’s Mobile Virtual Enterprise (MOVE) architecture seamlessly melds disparate wireless, wired and remote access networks into just one access application for guests and remote workers, mobile professionals, and corporate headquarters.
AudienceView has created an e-commerce platform for advanced, flexible ticketing services and software in every facet of the entertainment industry: race tracks, professional sports teams, college athletics, film festivals, regional ticketing agencies, arenas, and commercial and not-for-profit arts organizations.
CipherLab is a leader in automated information and data capture (AIDC) applications for a great variety of industries, excelling at mobile computing, CCD, scanning, and the design of business processes to boost efficiencies in supply chains, retail operations, field sales services, and business costs across most sectors.
Cisco has helped to determine the course of the Internet by transforming the ways in which people connect, communicate and collaborate. The company has become the global leader in networking by identifying customer needs and providing market-changing solutions to support their success.
Clear DestinationClear Destination
Clear Destination provides an unmatched route pre-planning and optimization software solution to a global market. The company was created nearly a decade ago by a several mathematicians frustrated and tired of wasted time because of inconsistent or non deliveries both to the home and at work. They were convinced that commercial and home delivery could be done with greater efficiency at a reduced cost. It had to be made more predictable, more transparent, more concise and easy to monitor. All translating into greater satisfaction and meaningful savings.
Cognex produces a range of machine vision devices and software for use in automation and production applications. Their devices and software provide solutions for quality control and inspection applications to help in automating and optimizing the user’s existing production line.
Denso designs and manufactures barcode readers, IC card readers and writers for automatic capture of data, 2D code readers, other kinds of barcode scanners, and CCD to help improve productivity in industrial environments. Denso’s innovative products open many possibilities for fulfilling customers’ needs.
EPC SolutionsEPC Solutions
epcSolutions, Inc., an essential provider of RFID compliance software to the DoD supplier community and to WalMart, has designed the GS1Net3 platform to implement the GS1 System, a set of standards intended to improve management of the supply chain in the asset types that are typical of almost all businesses: people, fixed assets, finished goods and inventory, and work in progress.
Stay-Linked Corporation offers technologies for terminal emulation and its associated software. Stay-Linked specializes in the development and support of software applications and professional service solutions for distribution centers and retail environments on IBM platforms and other well-known host-computing platforms, manufacturing, warehouse management, and inventory control.
Honeywell Scanning & Mobility leads in high-performance laser-based and image-based hardware and software for data collection. Honeywell products offer solutions for such vertical markets as logistics, transportation, health care, and retail.
IntelliTrack is a global supplier of easy to use, affordable software for inventory management. With their forward-thinking RFID and bar code technologies, IntelliTrack software advances accurate inventory management worldwide.
Intermec’s rugged and versatile barcode scanners, mobile computers, CCD, and more provide a high return on your investment in mobile computing systems and AIDC equipment. Intermec helps customers create total solutions that work harmoniously with their companies’ existing platforms, networks, and processes.
Itronix continually produces innovative, next generation software and computers that can handle everything from the harshest weather and temperature extremes to vehicle vibrations, drops and dust. The first choice of those who work on the road or out in any element, Itronix mobile computers are rugged and reliable.
Metrologic Group is well known for designing and manufacturing electronics and software for dimensional control systems. Its high-performing point cloud analysis software enables huge proficiencies in metrology inspection. Metrologic also has created over 60 direct machine interfaces for connecting its software to controllers such as 3D optical scanners, CNC CMMs, laser trackers, and articulated arms.
Motorola SymbolMotorola Symbol
Through technology, Motorola Solutions seamlessly connects people to communication services, applications, and networks. Motorola customers can use intuitive, handheld, almost indestructible devices to gain real-time information. Motorola also supplies many types of barcode scanners, lasers, imagers, and mobile computers with associated software applications.
NiceLabel is a leader in developing software for the automatic identification data capture (AIDC) industry. The full range of NiceLabel products includes ISV tools, application generation, ERP business automation, and label design.
Opticon, one of the earliest pioneers specializing in the manufacturing of barcode scanners, has grown into an international, multifaceted supplier of top-quality automatic identification and data capture (AIDC) equipment, including many barcode scanners and CCD, with customers worldwide in a wide variety of markets.
Part of the Datalogic Group, PSC has long been a global provider of automatic data capture products and services for multiple markets such as retail, industrial, manufacturing, distribution, transportation and logistics. PSC offers mobile and wireless communications, retail automation, and automated data collection.
Psion TeklogixPsion Teklogix
Psion has the widest selection of comprehensive printing equipment and mobile computers for robust mobile devices, including keypad computers, barcode label printers, card printers, and RFID. Psion hardware and software adapts to any mobile computing solutions.
RedBeam, Inc. provides complete, intuitive, affordable data collection and barcode software to save customers money and time. Any enterprise that uses barcodes, from the military and manufacturing to retail and education, will reduce their expenses and improve productivity with powerful RedBeam solutions.
ShockWatch offers a valuable deterrent to supply chain mismanagement by offering tilt sensors, temperature monitors, impact indicators and other reporting services that record events in storage or in transit. ShockWatch software also offers complete fleet management in all types of materials-handling work environments.
Teklynx International, a global developer of barcode labeling software, provides labeling solutions for company-wide or single-use applications to produce efficiencies and streamline processes. Teklynx software integrates easily into existing systems and supports 22 languages and more than 1,000 types of thermal and thermal transfer printers or all Windows printers.
Wasp Barcode Technologies is a recognized producer of barcode software solutions, including point of sale (POS) systems, time and attendance programs, asset tracking, barcode scanners, inventory software, barcode label printers, CCD, and a wide selection of labels and accessories for barcoding.
Wavelink is a leader in the management of multi-vendor mobile devices and wireless infrastructure, voice enabling, terminal emulation, and development of mobile application software. Their technologies overcome the difficult challenges in the deployment, management, and control of business mobility systems and enable peak performance.
WelchAllyn manufactures the point-of-care medical devices and solutions that caregivers use in emergency response environments, hospitals, and doctors' offices worldwide. With such technologies as WelchAllyn CCD, barcode scanners, and more, frontline medical practitioners can work more efficiently and effectively to help patients.
Zebex offers a wide selection of Auto-ID barcode scanners, such as scan engines and modules, CCD, in-counter, hands-free, and handheld solutions. These high-performing, top-quality, and reasonably priced scanners and modules are supported by adaptable hardware and development software to customize applications to the user’s needs.
Zebra’s hardware and software for printing barcode labels help users improve their data accessibility and management, strengthen their systems for access control, and to increase productivity. Their innovative technology is not only cost effective but also easy to install. Companies of all sizes and in most industries are enabled by Zebra software to implement barcodes for an unlimited number of applications.

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