Warehouse Management System for Manufacturing


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Warehouse Management System for Distribution Warehouse Management System for Third Party Logistics (3PL)

Warehouse Management System for Manufacturing

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Warehouse Management System for Manufacturing

OCR CHAIN Warehouse Management System (WMS)

A successful distribution network in the logistics industry today must have a system which supports a variety of functionalities, including just-in-time inventory, streamlined business practices, and order accuracy. If these, as well as other, requirements are met then optimum efficiency can be achieved, increasing profits and customer satisfaction. OCR CHAIN Warehouse Management System can provide your business with the means to attain these results and more.

By incorporating the best-of-breed WMS aspects, OCR CHAIN Warehouse Management Solution is able to provide you with results which would far exceed the standard WMS system would give you. The abundance of functionalities that come with the solution allows you to manage your warehouse on a network of information within the supply chain. The solution combines returns management, dock and yard management, as well as labour and quality management to provide your business with the tools to increase workplace efficiency.

OCR CHAIN is web-based software and delivers the means to manage multiple sites within one network. By integrating all of your sites as well as 3PL provider’s, business partner’s, and supplier’s sites into the network, you can effectively manage the whole network within one application.

Managing material and information within the supply chain can be a challenge and, through integration and collaboration, OCR CHAIN can provide your business with the means to do just that. The solution comes with Warehouse Management System for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Real-time visibility and tracking

The OCR CHAIN system delivers real time tracking and visibility of inventory levels throughout the entire manufacturing process. Each inventory item is given a unique License Plate (LP) which the system keeps a record of so that you can view all events which occurred involving each product. With this information at your disposal, you can take proactive steps in managing your business as well as monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in real time.

Real-time execution

Workers completing complex warehousing processes must maintain a high level of coordination if the job is to be done effectively. OCR CHAIN improves execution through the use of business rules, algorithms, and logic. Tasks are designated to workers through your RF network and are available to workers on the floor at all times.

A WMS adapted to your operational context

SOLOCHAIN™ WMS for Distribution

The OCR CHAIN Warehouse Management System for Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed to optimize operational efficiency of distribution facilities by providing the means for managing complex tasks.

SOLOCHAIN™ WMS for Manufacturing

Successfully managing inventory for a manufacturing facility necessitates accuracy and flexibility. OCR CHAIN Warehouse Management System has specific functions for the management of raw material warehouses, work-in-process warehouses, finished goods warehouses, or any other type of manufacturing environment.

SOLOCHAIN™ WMS for Third Party Logistics (3PL)

To meet the demands of clients, third-party logistics companies must be able to meet unique requirements and so their Warehouse Management System must be flexible. At one time, a 3PL warehouse can be tasked with managing the inventories of several clients with unique demands, and OCR CHAIN WMS can provide your business with the flexibility to meet each of these demands so that you can maintain the competitive advantage needed to maintain and grow your business. The system can improve customer satisfaction and help grow your existing client base. It offers real-time data so that you can view and manage all actions performed in your warehouse.

Application Benefits:

  • Increase real-time inventory visibility
  • More accurate and improved order fulfillment
  • Increased productivity and coordination in warehousing processes
  • Improve planning of the use of material assets and resources
  • Increase velocity
  • Maximize the use of warehouse space
  • Reduce the amount of inventory carried
  • Accurately keep track of inventory
  • Reduce warehousing costs
  • Synchronize warehousing, manufacturing, and distribution processes
  • Improve efficiency by integrating the entire supply chain into one system so that it can be kept track of more efficiently
  • Increased visibility and more information helps management make more informed decisions
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