DMG Selects Datalogic Scanning’s PowerScan® PM8300 Scanners to Equip its New Warehouse

DMG (De Mandemakers Groep) recently opened a new warehouse in Haven Zeven (Waalwijk, the Netherlands). the new facility is 43.000 m2 wide with a 15.000 m2 office area.

DMG has several activities. Among them, DMG purchases, stores and sends kitchen furniture, cabinets, appliances and parts for well-known European home stores. Mandemakers Keukens, Brugman Keukens & Badkamers, Keukenconcurrent, Wooning Keuken & Badkamers, Montel, sanders Meubelstad and Piet Klerkx are all known examples of DMG’s customers database.

The Challenge
The new warehouse contains a lot of kitchen equipment and parts! To optimize logistics operations, the warehouse has 50 loading docks.

DMG contacted a Datalogic scanning Quality Partner to study their equipment needs. DMG needed to track and trace incoming and outgoing goods, and improve stock management, using barcode readers in the new warehouse.

When Mr. Peter van Leijden and Mr. van der Snoek’s of DMG requested help, they realized a complete audit of all processes would be required to understand and identify DMG’s real needs and provide them with the right barcode scanning solution.

When goods are received in the warehouse, they are temporarily stocked and then delivered to the customer according to each order.

The Solution
All of the required steps are done with the help of Datalogic scanning Powerscan PM8300 handheld laser scanners.

The main criteria for DMG’s selection were the ruggedness and reliability of the scanner. In the past, Vierpool had provided DMG with Datalogic scanning’s Dragon handheld readers, but to meet the needs of the new facility, they were required to update their hardware.

DMG’s objective was to understand the complete merchandise flow and status in real-time throughout the warehouse facilities.

The Dragon barcode readers previously used were connected to computers on the shop floor. the new scanners were required to have a display, operate throughout the 43.000 m2 facility, and provide the user confirmation of good-read feedback. It was also very important that the system works autonomously, without depending on a computer in the warehouse.

DMG quickly decided upon the new Datalogic Powerscan PM8300 rugged handheld reader. Powerscan 8300 is the new generation of industrial handheld readers, following the Dragon. It is available in a tethered model, linked to a computer, or a wireless narrow-band model, thanks to Datalogic’s STAR cordless SystemTM. This system enables faultless and continuous roaming in the whole area.”

Datalogic Powerscan® 8300 is the most reliable scanner on the market. The PM8300 wireless model is available with or without the display and keypad. Because of the display, the operator can get information on the tasks he has performed. DMG did not want to hear scanners beeping all day long. With Datalogic’s 3GLTM (3 Green Lights) technology providing good-read feedback, the Powerscan provides each operator with feedback, without a beep.

The Results
Once DMG selected the Datalogic scanning Powerscan and the Datalogic STAR cordless SystemTM, Datalogic’s partner company began an RF study of the entire 43.000 m2 warehouse site. The first step in this study was to determine how many access points were needed, and where they would have to be placed to ensure perfect coverage in all this area.

After the study, it was determined that 13 access points were needed in the warehouse, due to its size.

At the same time that the RF study was taking place, DMG’s IT team worked with them to complete a new software interface and programming update so that the new system would work seamlessly with DMG’s existing ERP system.

The new system was very quickly installed and since operations began, hundreds of kitchens and equipment have already been scanned!

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