Transportation Management


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Transport Contract & Rate Management Transportation Management System

Transportation Management

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Transportation Management

Transportation Management

OCR Transportation Management delivers a complete system for managing contract carriers.

OCR Transportation Management allows you to keep track of contract carriers throughout all processes, from shipment planning to execution and settlement. It allows shippers, logistics managers, and third parties to determine the most efficient shipping method. The system enables self-filing importers to transparently and easily gather and present data for customs. The system also aids the shipping process by allowing better management of compliance with the enforcement process. The system helps your business reach optimum cost efficiency for transportation processes and helps in decisions such as: “Which carrier is the most suitable to handle this shipment?”, “How can I use all of my carrier contracts effectively?”, “Which combinations of shipments can help minimize costs?”, and “what methods and routes of transportation will be the most cost-efficient?”

Application Benefits and capabilities

  • Freight rating and calculation (taking into account fuel surcharges and accessorials)
  • Strategic shipment planning to lower costs
  • Tendering (FTP, Integrated Descartes Global Logistics Network EDI, e-mail, manual)
  • Capable of freight bill payment and auditing
  • On-boarding carrier program
  • Gain control of customs filings and reduce cost
  • Helps with conforming to regulations

Example Customers

  • DHL, Averitt, Telefonica Data México
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