Real-Time Delivery Confirmation for Tricor

The Business Challenge

Tricor came to OCR Canada seeking a solution to automate and streamline live package tracking and confirmation with a limited paper trail. The issue that they faced was that many of their paper delivery notifications were getting misplaced, leaving them with nothing to give to the customer. They needed a mobile computer to automatically update their server after every delivery route was completed, showing confirmation and signature capture as well as provide the customer with a physical receipt. A successful solution would be rolled out to all 50 of their drivers, each with numerous routes in the South San Francisco area.

Executive Summary

Tricor Courier and Cargo wanted to automate and expand their capabilities in delivery services. They were in need of a paperless confirmation solution consisting of a mobile computer for signature capture as well as a portable printer for on-location receipt confirmation for their customers.


Tricor had already written custom software for delivery confirmation and needed the software to run on a Windows Mobile platform with integration of the laser scan engine on whichever device OCR Canada provided them. OCR Canada helped them integrate Unitech PA500 mobile computers with the proper scan engine and paired the devices via bluetooth to Zebra RW420 printers. Once a confirmation and exchange was made for the customer, the device was able to confirm the location of delivery and capture their signature. Once the signature was captured a delivery confirmation receipt was printed. This not only streamlined the delivery confirmation but allowed the drivers to complete their routes faster and increased productivity nearly 75%.


With the successful deployment of the solution, Tricor has now expanded their business to a larger portion of San Francisco and increased their customer satisfaction.

The Future

With our relationship with Tricor, we are able to provide them with unlimited technical support whenever they need it, and we continue to provide their hardware as they expand.

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