Penske Eliminates PCI Compliance Risk with Advanced Payment Devices

Executive Summary

Penske Truck Rental was looking to eliminate PCI compliance risk within their business and reduce the number of lost or ineffective devices by implementing a revamped hardware and services platform across the 3,300 corporate and agent rental locations. Due to the complexity of the Penske rental network and the number of devices deployed, Penske wanted a systematic way to track and manage the devices, as well as deliver repair and spare pool management services. In addition, Penske required a solution provider to develop software which would reduce the need for paper and allow electronic signature capture as well as integrate the terminals with the existing Penske backend systems. OCR Canada, through coordination with a software provider, was able to deliver the solution and work with Penske as an ongoing value-added partner.

The Business Challenge

Managing and maintaining devices across thousands of company and agent locations can be difficult for any business. The requirement to standardize devices and systems within each of those locations is even more complex. Penske was faced with a daunting task of keeping all 3,300 locations in compliance with current processing requirements. Aside from the compliance issues, Penske identified most locations were largely inefficient due to lack of standardization across the company platform and excess time wasted at the checkout counters. Inspection and rental of vehicles were done with traditional pen and paper, which was both costly and time-consuming. Lastly, the various systems within Penske had difficulty communicating, which led to complications involving multiple software and devices. Penske required a solution that could be rapidly deployed, ready right out of the box, and a partner that it could rely on for asset management and technical support.


OCR Canada was able to solve the problems and become a value-added partner with ongoing operations within the Penske business. Barcodes selected and configured compliant payment terminals, designed and implemented a software solution through the partnership with an Independent Software Vendor, and kept the devices running through a collection of value-added services. The complete package of hardware, software and services mitigated the risk and reduced the time and effort needed to complete a rental.

Once the initial rollout was completed, OCR Canada was instrumental in ensuring the optimal efficiency of the devices. Knowing device failure resulted in lost revenue and increased costs for Penske, OCR Canada designed a solution to safeguard against a location experiencing extended amounts of downtime. A dedicated project manager and operations team were assigned to Penske to handle the deployment and the ongoing maintenance of the devices. Working hand-in-hand with the IT team at Penske, OCR Canada served as an extension to that team and assisted locations by providing services including but not limited to the following:

  • Comprehensive Coverage – Through OCR Canada’s extended warranty coverage, when a device was damaged or destroyed, OCR Canada repaired and/or replaced the device to get the customer back up and running.
  • Spare Pool Management – The exact moment when a device is damaged or malfunctioning is difficult to predict. OCR Canada managed a spare pool with additional devices that could be sent overnight to limit downtime and cause minimal disruptions.
  • Device Configuration and Software Loading – OCR Canada took the worry out of installing the device. All devices were individually tested, configured to work in the Penske environment, and loaded with all the necessary scripts and firmware. The device came out of the box, ready and working.
  • Technical Support – OCR Canada assisted the IT help desk during the rollout of the devices. A direct connection between Penske allowed Barcodes to quickly answer questions and adapt to any changes needed for the deployment schedule.
  • Mobile Device Management – OCR Canada took responsibility for the tracking and inventory of all devices in the field. Having the ability to locate devices and track their whereabouts allowed for device efficiency, and improved cost savings through device optimization.


Penske was able to roll-out new devices through a systematic approach and avoid ongoing compliance issues. In addition, Penske equipment replacement cost was drastically reduced due to OCR Canada’s asset management and device management. Thirdly, incremental costs related to ineffective devices were reduced through OCR Canada’s urgent replacement and break/fix services. Lastly, by automating the process, Penske’s improved the rental experience for their customers, keeping customers happy and returning.

The Future

The OCR Canada solution is being used at each of the corporate and agent-owned locations. OCR Canada is working with Penske on additional projects to upgrade existing infrastructure as well as improve the customer experience through the deployment of new and advanced technologies.

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