Hospital Couriers Deploys Real-Time Visibility Solution for Drivers & Packages

Hospital Couriers combines mobile computers, software and custom labels to ensure accountability of their assets.

Executive Summary

Hospital Couriers was in need of a complete solution to track their equipment, drivers and their customers’ products to increase their profitability. Our solution replaced a pen and paper process with the introduction of a mobile computer with a signature capture ability, as well as a route management application.

The Business Challenge

Driven by the need to have real-time visibility of their drivers as well as their product, Hospital Couriers needed a solution to ensure their customers’ products were being delivered on time. Additionally, they needed to meet their customers’ demand for tracking where their shipments were at all times.

Prior to OCR Canada stepping in with a full solution for tracking shipments, Hospital Couriers was relying on their drivers to fill out delivery paperwork, capture signatures through a paper receipt, and securely return all signed documents on a daily basis. This resulted in lost paperwork and shipment deliveries not arriving on time, which in turn led to customer dissatisfaction. Furthermore, if a customer called to track their shipment, Hospital Couriers had to call the driver to see where they were at which wasn’t always accurate.

Hospital Couriers decided to invest in a fully electronic solution to replace the hand-written delivery invoices and customer signature capture process that had been in place. They found that the amount of time and money lost by capturing data and inputting the data into their system manually was not acceptable to them or their customer.

Hospital Couriers was in need of a more efficient way to capture end-user data as well as having real-time visibility of where their drivers and assets were at from their home office.


In response to our customer’s need for a more profitable solution, OCR Canada partnered with Soti to introduce their Mobile Device Management software to Hospital Couriers. The Soti application allowed the Motorola MC55 mobile computer, which the drivers had on the road, to communicate with their home office, and eliminate the need to capture and secure handwritten invoices throughout the day. The software allowed the driver to capture the recipient’s signature at the point of delivery and communicate that data back to the home office automatically.

The solution was designed to allow drivers to scan packages when they were delivered, capture the customer’s signature and report the exact location of each of the company’s vehicles and drivers on-demand. With preprinted barcode labels that OCR Canada provided, all packages had a clean, professional look while enabling Hospital Couriers to record all the data that was needed to ensure their customers’ satisfaction. The MC55 mobile computer, which OCR Canada helped integrate into Hospital Courier’s own software, was able to accurately track their in-house inventory to ensure assets were all accounted for.


After a successful demo of the hardware and software package, Hospital Couriers deployed the solution to all of their drivers and warehouse staff.

Hospital Couriers can now accurately track their inventory and provide full visibility on order delivery for their customers and themselves.

The Future

The OCR Canada solution has been since recommended to other companies in the same industry and received positive feedback and results.

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