Logistics Management Solutions


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Local Haulage/Interline Mailroom Management Package Tracking Solution

Logistics Management Solutions

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Logistics Management Solutions

Logistics Management Solution

OCR’s Logistics Management Solution delivers a network for providing messaging service between shipment management services for carriers, logistics trading partners and private fleet management services by combining the OCR Global Logistics Network with a multi-modal network and other business applications. This system helps your business reduce administrative costs, fleet size, billing cycles, mileage driven, and contract carrier costs while improving reliability.

OCR offers solutions which can deliver a wide ray of services and applications in order to give your business real-time control of inventory, mobile workforce, and logistics assets.

By combining design, execution, planning, messaging, and performance management solutions, OCR Delivery Management Solution delivers a system to help manufacturers, service providers, retailers, and distributors with optimizing delivery performance. The solution addresses issues such as warehouse optimization, delivery planning, daily planning, transportation management, reservations, supply chain visibility, connectivity and messaging, and mobile/dispatch/AVL.

The OCR Global Logistics Network (GLN) delivers a multimodal network of transportation providers which optimizes the efficiency of logistics processes and provides logistics information to the involved parties. The OCR GLN improves your business’ management of logistics book-to-bill process, ability to meet regulatory requirements, ability to communicate with logistics partners, tracking capabilities of inventory, and fleet performance.

Application Benefits

  • Reduced costs due to less dependence on fleet/contract carriers, faster billing cycles, more efficient route planning, traceable operator and driver performance, reduction in service time, reduced wait times, and less manual data entry
  • Better Customer Service as a result of better planning and less waiting time, designated delivery windows so the customer knows when the deliver should arrive, order shipment notifications, and an exception managing system
  • Simplifies logistics processes by standardizing and automating manual labour, providing real time access to network and resources, allowing for more accurate data capturing methods, allowing universal access to information, and offering a hosted/managed environment
  • Helps your business meet regulations and customs and border control requirements
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