Manufacturing Execution System


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Manufacturing Execution System

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Manufacturing Execution System

Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

New Challenges in Manufacturing

The dynamic manufacturing industry is always evolving and, to remain successful, you must meet the changing demands. In order to maintain overall growth and health of your business, you must keep on top of these changes in processes and technology.

Manufacturing organizations are rated based on:

  • Reducing manufacturing costs
  • Increasing return on assets
  • Improving product quality
  • Increasing customer/market response

In this context, many initiatives are underway to enhance:

  • Synchronization across supply chain
  • Adaptive manufacturing
  • Real-time visibility and control of inventory
  • Product traceability and recall
  • Quality and labour management

OCR CHAIN Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is a solution which will deliver the means to effectively organize the manufacturing process for your business.

Shop floor control

OCR CHAIN MES is a comprehensive solution to a wide array of processes from real-time tracking of worker orders to creating a production schedule to data collection. Through the integration of mobile technologies, the system ensures that all data is available to management and workers on the factory floor in real-time. Schedules are made visible at stations and operators can use mobile devices to verify material movement.

Recall management

Considering that product recalls can cost 5 times more than the cost of distribution, product recalls require immediate and efficient action. OCR CHAIN provides the traceability of the manufacturing process that your business needs in order to allow for split second recall reports, including real-time inventory and rework tracking.

Because each inventory item is identified uniquely in the system, its entire product history is available. Using the information and key performance indicators gives management the information they need to make informed, proactive actions. All accurate information is available in real-time.

Integrating production and warehouse functions

A high level of coordination is needed to efficiently carry out warehousing and production tasks. By using various configurable business algorithms and rules, OCR CHAIN is able to deliver a system which provides the optimum way to carry out warehousing tasks. A schedule of tasks can be set out and divided amongst workers who receive information which is delivered via a radio frequency (RF) network. Using this system, workers will know exactly what to do and fewer errors will be made. When action is taken that is out of the ordinary, the system recognizes it and it is reported to be reviewed.

Real time quality control

OCR CHAIN allows your workers to gather real time check-list data and, when unexpected input is entered, the system notifies the worker and suggests corrective actions. To verify actions were taken, electronic signatures are entered.

OCR CHAIN MES provides a means to manage material and operational cost and gives management the information needed to control costs. The system can be integrated with an existing ERP or accounting software program.

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