Intermec By Honeywell

Intermec By Honeywell

Honeywell is a Fortune 100 manufacturing and technology leader that operates a division known as Honeywell Scanning and Mobility (Honeywell AIDC). This division is a prominent manufacturer of laser and image based hardware that is squarely poised in the data collection market. Their portfolio already included a broad range of barcode readers, mobile computers, vehicle Continue Reading

Computer Tablets in Field Service

The mobile workforce is an important strategy in keeping companies competitive in this economy. Ensuring that a mobile workforce is productive and profitable requires information to freely flow between the head office and the workforce. Ensuring connectivity between workers and coordinators is a matter of picking the right communication carrier with the coverage that is Continue Reading

Direct Part Marking (DPM) Systems

We have come to rely on airplanes, automobiles, medical devices, and electronic devices in our daily life. If these fail, they could have life threatening consequences. The manufacturers of these devices take extreme care in ensuring that the parts that go into these products are of the highest quality. One way that they ensure that Continue Reading

Enterprise Wireless Network Benefits

The business world has been transformed by wireless networks by increasing productivity and allowing corporations to survive rough economic times. Even through these perilous last five years, many businesses that have implemented wireless solutions to automate business process have actually grown, while their less optimized competitors have struggled or even fallen to the way-side. The entire supply chain, Continue Reading

Retail Mobile Payment Solutions

Are you a retailer in search of ways to increase your profit margins and stay more competitive? If you think the lowest price always wins, think again. There are two different ways that restaurants can conduct a purchase transaction. Consider the differences between a purchase transaction that takes place at a counter while ordering food, Continue Reading

Direct Store Delivery (DSD) and Route Accounting

“Direct Store Delivery” is a term that applies to activities such as delivering dairy products, soft drinks, and baked goods to local grocery and convenience stores, concrete and other building materials to a building site or automotive parts to car dealerships. Mobile workers need to be able to handle the complete sales cycle at the Continue Reading

Wireless Network Security

Secure WLAN

Security of wireless networks is a major concern when deploying an enterprise wireless LAN. While early security protocols such as WEP have given wireless networks a bad reputation for security, today, wireless networks that follow best practices are often more secure than wired networks. WPA2 and rogue detection are only two aspects of implementing a secure Continue Reading

Benefits of a Fleet Management Solution

Fleet Management System Solution

Doing more with less is a phrase that modern trucking, transportation and logistics companies are learning to embrace. It is now more important than ever to improve the management of a vehicle fleet because of driver shortages and high fuel costs. Improving fleet visibility and lowering operational costs is now possible even while increasing driver Continue Reading

Apple Business Solutions

OCR recently added Apple products to the group of products that we represent in Canada. Our main focus is business applications for mobile computers. Most corporations employ rugged handheld devices since they will better withstand the constant handling by workers. So why would we represent a consumer grade mobile computer product? A term that is often Continue Reading

The Reduce, Reuse, Recycle of Mobile Computers

What do you do with mobile computers when they are damaged, outdated, or simply not needed any longer? Your organization could be at both legal and financial risk if you don’t know how to handle these situations properly. The public relation issues and legal penalties that come with not handling this equipment properly are serious Continue Reading