TA05 Time and Attendance System


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TA05 Time and Attendance System

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TA05 Time and Attendance System

TA05 Time and Attendance System

Barcode Time and Attendance Application

Time and attendance software

The TA05 Time and Attendance System automates your business’ paper time sheet and is a much more efficient way of managing employee hours. It collects employee data such as start time, work tasks, and end time and inputs the data to a database. The collected information can be used in various ways, most commonly to be input in a payroll system to calculate wage earnings.

Application Benefits:

  • Automates collection of employee time data
  • Eliminate need for paper time sheets
  • Employee payments made accurately, eliminates overpayment
  • Ability to monitor worker hours
  • Easily enforce time rules

Application Features:

  • Provides access to real time information
  • Track start times, breaks, time spent on tasks, lunch times and end times
  • Time data used to accurately measure productivity and wages
  • Monitor visitors
  • Create custom reports
  • Display screen can be configured and sized to meet your needs
  • Supports multiple languages
• Real time information at your fingertips • Tracks start times, breaks, lunch times, end times, and time spent on work tasks • Time and attendance terminals can be used concurrently

Hardware Features:

  • Compatible with windows based kiosks and terminals
  • Configurable buzzer and bell by altering software
  • Compatible with barcode scanners, pens, and wands
  • System can be wireless or wired

No matter how big or small your business, theTA05 Time and Attendance System is a comprehensive solution for your business’ time and attendance tracking issues.

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