Biometric Clock Time and Attendance System


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Biometric Clock Time and Attendance System

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Biometric Clock Time and Attendance System

Biometric Clock Time and Attendance System

WaspTime Biometric Time and Attendance System delivers a system that automates the employee tracking process and adds additional security and convenience with biometric fingerprint authentication. The system can help your business solve its employee tracking issues.

Because the system uses a biometric verification system, it eliminates the need to create and replace misplaced, stolen, or damaged employee identification. Since it uses fingerprint verification, it also eliminated extra labour costs which come with buddy punching.

WaspTime Biometric Time and Attendance System Includes:

  • A biometric fingerprint employee time clock with integrated network connection
  • Option to add additional biometric time clocks
  • WaspTime – time and attendance software
  • License for 50 employees
  • 1 Admin user
  • More user licenses can be acquired in increments of 50
  • Ethernet cable & power supply
  • Setup wizard to aid in configuring the system
  • MSDE database
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled and can be powered by a PoE network
  • Unlimited, free technical support for the product’s lifespan

WaspTime - Biometric Time and Attendance System

Wasptime is perfect for medium and small sized businesses as it is a simple and efficient attendance system. It can be configured to meet your business’ needs and can be scaled up at any point to match your business’ growth. It significantly reduces the time it takes to go through the employee timekeeping process.

The system is compatible with a variety of clocks, allowing you to pick the best way to keep track of your employee’s time. Ethernet network connection is integrated into all clocks, which gets rid of the need of a dedicated PC system. If you have employees who work in remote locations, they can punch in using PC Punch to check in. The remote employee’s time is put into the system automatically for as long as the remote worker’s computer is connected to the network or through VPN.

WaspTime is perfect for businesses where salaried and hourly employee time has to be tracked whether it be in: warehouse & distribution, manufacturing, retail, healthcare, government agencies, medical offices, or educational agencies.

Application Features

  • Track employee time
  • Reduce the debate and abuse of a manual system
  • Set up how worker time is accounted for (early in or out, rounding, overtime).
  • Increase timecard accuracy
  • Eliminate buddy punching and overstated labour hours
  • Reduce costly payroll and data entry errors
  • Minimize time it takes to process payrolls
  • Export to your existing payroll systems (i.e. QuickBooks)
  • Employee overtime hours
  • Total employee work hours by employee and supervisor
  • Employee tardy/early out reports
  • Incomplete time card reports

The system provides you with control over productivity and lost time, which can significantly impact your company’s profits. The APA (American Payroll Association) showed, in a study, that companies can save up to 4% of their annual payroll costs by using an automated attendance system.

The WaspTime system delivers an automated, accurate, tamperproof, instant employee time and attendance system that can solve payroll issues such as:

  • Missed or late punches
  • Extensive time required to process payroll
  • Inaccurate time card completion
  • Buddy punching
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