Daily Planning (Route Planning)


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Daily Planning (Route Planning)

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Daily Planning (Route Planning)

Daily Planning (Route Planning)

  • OCR Daily Route Planning solution delivers a system which allows your business to continuously make dependable routes and use fewer drivers and trucks.
  • Able to plan daily delivery routes and schedules
  • After a new order is entered, the OCR Daily Route Planning system updates planned delivery routes and modifies the plan in real time by reallocating available resources in order to create the new optimum cost-efficient delivery plan. It can be configured to provide priority service to routes which are the most profitable and maintain your business’ customer service objectives. OCR Daily Route Planning solutions can be integrated into already existing transportation and order management systems and can earn a high return on investment as a result as shorter, more efficient routing which reduces overall costs.

Application Benefits and Capabilities

  • Continuously adjusts route planning as new orders are entered
  • Can be configured to add operational and customer constraints
  • Continually releases routes and parts of routes to allow for wave picking
  • Allows centralized planning
  • Ability to route sales and merchandisers with deliveries
  • System can be installed or hosted

Components (available on-demand or licensed)

  • OCR Route Planner: When tightly integrated route planning is needed because of customers and orders constantly changing, even after the time goods are dispatched
  • OCR Route Planner RS: For when large batches of orders must be quickly routed to hand off to the warehouse. Offers the ability for you to run the software yourself and monitor routes with real time tracking
  • OCR Route Planner On-Demand: For when an efficient system which plans routes quickly and efficiently is needed and you do not want to have to administer the software
  • OCR Route Planner RV (previously called RouteView): When a simple to use, low cost route planning application is needed for basic route sequencing and the ability to upgrade to AVL and mobile
  • OCR Sales and Merchandise Manager

Sample Customers

Ashley Furniture, Schwan’s, Old Dominion Freight Lines, Tomra, Ferrellgas, Core-Mark, Columbia Distributing, Singer Equipment, DPI, John Lewis Partnership, Ideal Supply, Comet Group, Foster’s Group, Gate City Beverage Distributors, Argix

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