Barcode Mobile Inspection


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Barcode Mobile Inspection

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Barcode Mobile Inspection

Barcode Mobile Inspection

No matter what you are inspecting, the Barcode Mobile Inspection solution has what you need. From inspection certificates of delivery to work-order dispatches, Barcode Mobile Inspection can meet your business’ needs as it is an all-inclusive solution with plenty features that can simplify the inspection process.

Barcode Mobile Inspection provides you with any-time access to the information you require. It provides the capability to access to customer information, inspection history, work-order details, customer equipment profiles, and scheduling from anywhere you can get on the internet with no need for software.

Self-service portal for Customers

With a self-serve system, you are able to reduce the cost of customer support. Customers are able to complete a number of tasks by themselves, including approving quotes, printing inspection reports, and reviewing equipment profiles. On the other end, the supplier receives purchase orders that customers submit.

With this solution, inspectors always have what they need. Barcode Inspect Mobile edition is capable of downloading a month’s worth of inspection forms, inspection histories, and work-orders within minutes. Using these tools, the inspector can ensure that they always have what they need. Inspectors can also take photos with the equipment if needed.

Mobile Safety Inspections

The act of hiding is something that should be caught before it results in an accident. With custom inspection forms, you can be sure that these issues are found out before they cause unfortunate and costly accidents.


• Web based Inspection forms database • Supports unlimited number of inspection forms, points, and parameters • Quick work-order/ quote creation • Integrated picture taking capabilities for inspection reports • Work-order dispatch over the web • Time tracking reports for repairs and inspection • Supplier and customer web portals • RFID and barcode scanner aware • 24/7 availability • Integration with SAGE (BV, AccPac, Simply) • Quick return on investment (ROI) • Wireless and Dock-Sync compatible


  • Home inspections for safety, fire preparedness, and moving
  • Pumping or gas and oil facility inspection
  • Security guard tour and inspection
  • Naval ship instrument tour and inspection
  • Shopping mall activity report of custodial, maintenance, and security personnel
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