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Access PointsAccess Points
Wireless local area network data transceivers for connecting wireless stations to a wired network via radio waves.
Wireless LAN equipment that incorporates layers 1 and 2 of the seven-layer OSI model and permits connection of sub-networks or networks with architectures that are similar.
Gateway Controllers/SwitchesGateway Controllers/Switches
Devices that connect two networks, in every other way incompatible, for communicating over some distance.
RF Management and SecurityRF Management and Security
Wireless radio frequency devices for managing mobile devices and wireless network infrastructures; RF security devices for protecting mobile and wireless LAN clients with high-level security achieved with cost-effective, simple installations of Kerberos V5, the MIT-developed open-security standard.
Voice Over IPVoice Over IP
Portable mobile handsets for scanning barcodes, accessing server-based programs, entering and submitting data, and making phone calls.
Wireless LAN AdaptersWireless LAN Adapters
Devices to provide complete mobility yet a high-throughput connection to the terminals or PCs of users in the local area network.
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