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DLI 501 Mobile Payment Terminal DLI 501 Mobile Payment TerminalDATA LIMITED
The DLI 501 makes the ultimate payment terminal for the mobile worker and can greatly enhance productivity.
K19 USB Keypad K19 USB KeypadUNITECH
The K19 USB Keypad is a numeric keypad that can be connected a terminal or PC by USB cable. It works as a standalone keypad or external keypad for notebook PCs.
K270 Keyboard K270 KeyboardUNITECH
The K270 POS Keyboard features basic functions ideal for point of sale (POS) tasks. It comes with up to 21 keys that can be color-coded and relabeled in order to increase efficiency and shorten training sessions.
K2714 Magnetic Stripe Reader Keyboard K2714 Magnetic Stripe Reader KeyboardUNITECH
The K2714 Point of Sale (POS) Keyboard is an ideal keypad for data entry at points of sale and kiosks, and is also perfect for banking and financial applications.
K2724 Dual Track Keyboard K2724 Dual Track KeyboardUNITECH
The K2724 Dual Track POS Keyboard incorporates a dual track Magnetic Stripe Reader and features a port for connecting a barcode scanner. It delivers a compact solution ideal for banking, point of sale, as well as other commerce applications.
K2726 Triple Track Keyboard K2726 Triple Track KeyboardUNITECH
The K2726 Point of Sale (POS) Keyboard incorporates a triple track Magnetic Stripe reader as well as a port for barcode scanners. It provides a compact, one-piece solution for retail, point of sale, banking, as well as other commerce tasks.
K595 Mini Keyboard K595 Mini KeyboardUNITECH
The K595 Mini POS keyboard is ideal in environments where saving space is a priority. It is a mere 11.3 x 5.51 (287 x 140 mm) large and leaves an ample amount of additional space for the addition of other peripheral devices.
KP3700 Programmable Keyboard KP3700 Programmable KeyboardGLACIER COMPUTER
The KP3700 is part of Unitechs line of multifunctionality keyboards. It comes equipped with 104 keys as well as relegendable keys, a built in port for connecting barcode scanners, and an built in Magnetic Stripe Card Reader.
KP3800 Programmable Keyboard KP3800 Programmable KeyboardUNITECH
The KP3800 is part of Unitechs line of multifunction keyboards and features a 100 key layout. The KP3800s keys are relegendable and it comes with an integrated Magnetic Card Reader, mouse pad, and barcode scanner connectivity port.
Magellan 3200VSi On-Counter Point-Of-Sale Scanner Magellan 3200VSi On-Counter Point-Of-Sale ScannerDATALOGIC
The Magellan 3200VSi barcode reader is ideal for high-volume, intensive, point of sale (POS) applications. It is equipped with high speed performance and wide field of capture as well as other functionalities that come with imaging technology.
Magellan 8300 POS Bi-Optic Scanner Magellan 8300 POS Bi-Optic ScannerDATALOGIC
The Magellan 8300 POS Bi-Optic Scanner is ideal for medium volume point of sale environments and is equipped with a 5-sided scanner. It is a high quality and highly reliable scanner that is an excellent value.
Magellan 8400 Magellan 8400DATALOGIC
The high performance Magellan 8400 Bi-Optic Scanner features a five sided bi-optic scanner ideal for point of sale applications. The 8400 represents the future of checkout productivity from the Magellan line of scanners.
Magellan 8500 Retail Scanner Magellan 8500 Retail ScannerDATALOGIC
The Magellan 8500 Scanner provides the best fixed point of sale performance in the world. It is designed to handle high-volume retail applications and uses Datalogics SurroundScan 3D Scanning technology to quickly and efficiently scan all six sides of an item.
MK500 Micro Kiosk MK500 Micro KioskMOTOROLA SYMBOL
Motorolas MK500 Micro Kiosk provides an innovative self-service system ideal for improving customer service and experience. It is a compact, affordable device which can be easily installed, giving customers the power to serve themselves in a retail environment.
MT2000 POS Inventory Barcode Scanner MT2000 POS Inventory Barcode ScannerMOTOROLA SYMBOL
*See Also: Data Collection Terminals > Portable Keypad Computers > Motorola Symbol
The MT2000 POS Inventory Barcode Scanner integrates aspects of a mobile computer into a barcode scanner, which allows the scanner to read 1D and 2D barcodes, capture DPM and images, as well as allows the user to view and input data.
OC2 Point of Sale (POS) Printer OC2 Point of Sale (POS) PrinterDATAMAX
*See Also: Barcode Label Printers > Datamax
The OC2 Thermal Printer provides printing of labels of up to 2.25 inches in width and offers solutions to many of the demands of point of sale printing applications. The OC2 offers a wide range of functionalities which allow it to meet industry and user specific printing demands.
OC3 Mobile POS Printer OC3 Mobile POS PrinterDATAMAX
*See Also: Barcode Label Printers > Datamax
The OC3 Mobile POS Thermal Printer is capable of printing 3.15 inch wide labels and receipts and has been designed to meet the increasing demands of retail, mobile POS, transportation, hospitality, and field service applications.
PD8750 Payment Terminal PD8750 Payment TerminalMOTOROLA SYMBOL
The PD8750 payment terminal provides a fast and secure way to process payments and features the ability to run non-payment applications which are customer-oriented.
Point of Sale (POS) USB Hardware Solution Point of Sale (POS) USB Hardware SolutionWASP
The Wasp QuickStore Hardware Solution provides you with the tools needed to set up a successful POS system. It includes a barcode scanner, POS keyboard, cash drawer, pole display, and a receipt printer.
PSK1000 USB Keypad PSK1000 USB KeypadUNITECH
The PSK1000 is a 19 key numeric keypad that can be used as a standalone unit or an external keypad for PC or notebook. A USB interface allows it to be connected to a computer or terminal.
QuickStore  Point of Sale Software QuickStore Point of Sale SoftwareWASP
Wasp QuickStore delivers a wide array of functionalities for retail operation needs, from customer management, to point of sale transactions, to inventory management. It provides you with the tools to set up a point of sale system, while improving efficiency and reducing costs of operating.
QuickStore Point of Sale Solution  Enterprise QuickStore Point of Sale Solution EnterpriseWASP
Wasp QuickStore Enterprise provides a comprehensive point of sale solution which allows you to monitor sales, customers, and inventory across a number of stores. It works to enhance customer experience and productivity while reducing the costs of operating your business.
QuickStore Point of Sale Solution  Professional QuickStore Point of Sale Solution ProfessionalWASP
Quickstore Point of Sale Solution provides the functionality your retail business needs to be successful, from point of sale transaction processing, to customer management, to inventory control systems. It improves the efficiency of your business while reducing the cost of operating. It is an affordable solution for any size business.Wasp QuickStore Software can be used in order to track customer purchasing history as well as customer demographics. Using this information allows you to create specific sales to target specific demographic groups.
QuickStore Point of Sale Solution  Standard QuickStore Point of Sale Solution StandardWASP
Wasp QuickStore Point of Sale Solution offers a comprehensive point of sale system for the needs of your retail operations. It provides a multitude of functionalities, including transaction processing and vendor, inventory, and customer management.
QuickStore POS Multi-Store Solution QuickStore POS Multi-Store SolutionWASP
Wasp QuickStore Multi-Store Point of Sale Solution comes with QuickStore Enterprise Software. It comes with the functionality of the Standard and Pro editions and builds upon them by offering the ability to track sales, customers, and inventory of multiple stores as well as share information between two locations.
QuickStore RapidStart Small Store POS System QuickStore RapidStart Small Store POS SystemWASP
QuickStore RapidStart Point of Sale Solution is a comprehensive point of sale system which is designed to enhance customer service and productivity. The solution is ideal for new, single-store retailers who wish to upgrade to an electronic cash register.
QuickStore Retail Barcode POS System QuickStore Retail Barcode POS SystemWASP
Wasp QuickStore Professional builds upon the functionality of the QuickStore Standard edition by adding abilities to track employee time, track cash drawer shifts, generate gift receipts and quotes, create contracts to automatically discount products, track accounts payable, set 5 different prices per item, set security settings for each unique user, and create email invoices, account statements, and purchase orders.
Transaction Team 8500 Magnetic Stripe Reader Transaction Team 8500 Magnetic Stripe ReaderHONEYWELL (HAND HELD PRODUCTS)
The Transaction Team 8500 Magnetic Stripe Reader is ideal for point of sale applications at checkout lanes, service desks, or in a pharmacy.
Wasp Cash Drawer Wasp Cash DrawerWASP
The Wasp WCD5000 Rugged Cash is constructed as an all-metal, rugged piece of hardware and is designed to be compact. It is ideal for retail environments who have a limited amount of space available.
Wasp WKB1155 POS Magstripe Keyboard Wasp WKB1155 POS Magstripe KeyboardWASP
The Wasp WKB1155 POS Magstripe Keyboard has a compact design and is ideal for point of sale applications. The keyboard is designed to save you counter space and includes a built in magnetic stripe reader for processing credit cards and gift cards.
Wasp WMR1250 POS Magstripe Reader Wasp WMR1250 POS Magstripe ReaderWASP
The Wasp WMR1250 POS Magstripe Reader offers a durable, easy to use card reader ideal for any point of sale retail environment. It features dual-track reading and has a lengthy product life.
Wasp WRP8055 Thermal Receipt POS Printer Wasp WRP8055 Thermal Receipt POS PrinterWASP
The Wasp WRP8055 Point of Sale Receipt Printer features thermal printing technology in order to print high quality receipts. Print crisp, 203 dpi resolution receipts for your customers at speeds of 6 inches per second.
WPD220VF Pole Display WPD220VF Pole DisplayWASP
The WPD220VF Pole Display from Wasp is perfect for any retail point of sale environment and features a compact, easy to read display. It features interchangeable poles to adjust the height of the display and poles can be rotated to adjust to your environment.
WSR455 Slot Reader WSR455 Slot ReaderWASP
The WSR455 Slot Reader is an all-metal, rugged scanner which is capable of reading badges, pre-printed forms, and scanning cards. It is a great addition to any time and attendance or security access systems.
WWR2900 Pen Barcode Scanner WWR2900 Pen Barcode ScannerWASP
The WWR2900 Pen Barcode Scanner offers the perfect device for repetitive data entry. It is capable of quickly accessing data from an invoice, any item that has a barcode label, or a membership card.
WWS500 Freedom Cordless Barcode Scanner WWS500 Freedom Cordless Barcode ScannerWASP
The WWS500 wireless barcode scanner from wasp is a wireless, lightweight barcode scanner which provides unmatched flexibility and freedom while also providing functionality.
WWS800 Wireless Barcode Scanner WWS800 Wireless Barcode ScannerWASP
The WWS800 Barcode Scanner suits a variety of applications and delivers roaming capabilities with the integration of wireless Bluetooth technology.
WWS850 Wireless Barcode Scanner WWS850 Wireless Barcode ScannerWASP
The WWS850 Wireless Barcode Scanner from Wasp offers a Bluetooth wireless scanner ideal for a variety of applications. It allows workers the mobility they need to effectively track and count inventory.
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