Specialty Apparel Company’s Barcoding Technology – Just in Time for Busy Season

Like many small companies, Fashion Forms employees wear many hats. When the time came to implement a new cloud-based ERP system, additional upgrades — including a migration to new Android OS barcoding technology — had the potential to stretch Fashion Forms’ IT team thin. With the annual busy season quickly approaching, Fashion Forms needed this implementation to go smoothly. By leveraging the scale of OCR Canada for end-to-end services and solutions, Fashion Forms IT team focused on their core IT roles while seamlessly delivering a cutting-edge mobile barcoding technology system for their warehouse operations.

Business Challenge
As Fashion Forms evaluated the new ERP project, it identified its handheld mobile computers were outdated and some even held together by duct tape. Additionally, the short battery life of the old devices meant operators often had to change out battery packs 2-3 times per shift. So when the new cloud-based ERP system required a pivot from Windows CE devices to Android OS devices, Fashion Forms decided the time was right to upgrade to brand new barcoding technology. Faced with a daunting IT project and a rapidly approaching busy season, Fashion Forms IT team knew an entire barcoding system changeover would be hard to complete on-time, given their limited resources.

The Solution
To scale their small team and keep their focus on mission-critical projects, Fashion Forms reached out to OCR Canada for help. Together, they developed a robust implementation plan and selected a new handheld mobile computer, the Zebra MC9300, for the following benefits:

  • Android OS
  • Rugged, durable design
  • Large touchscreen
  • Long battery life

The new fleet of handheld devices were deployed leveraging Zebra OneCare repair coverage and OCR Canada TrueSupport services for seamless remote mobile device management support. Additionally, by leveraging the OCR Canada staging, configuration, and provisioning services, Fashion Forms’ team could make sure the support needs of the new system didn’t overwhelm the team during onboarding — or in the future.

Benefits and Results
The MC9300 devices arrived at Fashion Forms ready to go. Each device had been updated, configured, and optimized in advance by OCR Canada, so Fashion Forms could quickly deploy the new devices without issue. When a settings update was needed later, the OCR Canada service team quickly updated the devices remotely with the mobility device management solution. In the warehouse, the operators appreciated the new, shiny, duct-tape free devices — and they quickly found the long battery life of the MC9300 now lasted their entire shift.

In partnership with OCR Canada, Fashion Form’s IT team deployed a sizeable mobile barcoding technology project with time to spare — while keeping their primary focus on launching the new ERP system. Our turnkey services helped Fashion Form’s small IT team look big — and set them up for a hassle-free future, as OCR Canada will continue to handle any mobile device updates, optimization, troubleshooting, or repairs. It’s a powerful solution adding new scale and flexibility that will empower Fashion Forms to stay ahead of their evolving technology needs.

“The Services team took a big project and made it manageable for our small team. It was a big relief to have the devices arrive pre-configured and supported remotely.”

-Fashion Forms

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