Barcode Services


OCR offers all-inclusive barcoding packages that include a made-for-you menu of services to boost productivity and steer your company into better inventory management. Our knowledgeable barcode experts lead your project team through the following steps:

  • Business process analytics, re-engineering, and streamlining
  • Consultation on hardware integration and system structure
  • Development of customized software
  • Implementation by knowledgeable project managers
  • Expert training for end-users and the internal implementation team

With OCR award-winning service offerings, your company gets the system it needs and the service capabilities that your customers deserve.

Services Offered

Analysis of Business Processes

  • Analysis of existing work flow
  • Analysis of desired work flow
  • Re-engineering to achieve desired work flow
  • Specification of component products
  • Gap Analysis

Information Technology Solutions

  • System analysis
  • Technical specifications
  • Development of customized database
  • Database Migration/Conversion
  • Installation and implementation
  • Manuals and technical documentation

Software Vendor Evaluation

  • Sourcing pre-packaged software
  • Testing the suitability of pre-packaged software

Project Management

  • Project management
  • System integration
  • Specialized communications
  • Engineering design services
  • Infrastructure supervision

Customer Service and Support

  • Technical Support
  • Functional Support
  • Product Support
  • RMA System


  • End-User Training
  • Project Team Training

Service Areas

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