WDT2200 with Count It Inventoy Software


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WDT2200 Manufacturing Inventory Tracking System WDT2200 & WPL305 Distribution Center Inventory Tracking

WDT2200 with Count It Inventoy Software

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WDT2200 with Count It Inventoy Software

WDT2200 with Count It Inventory Software

If you are using QuickBooks®, Excel® or other spreadsheet software to keep records inventory and are tired of time consuming manual inventory counting methods which often result in errors in inventory counts then OCR’s Physical Inventory Counting Solution can help you. The solution involves setting you up with Wasp’s CountIt™ Inventory Software, which will make the task of taking inventory faster and more accurate.

If you are looking for an affordable, efficient solution to your inventory counting problems then CountIt™ is perfect for you, as it is dedicated inventory counting software. If you are currently using QuickBooks®, then you will be happy to learn that CountIt™ software is compatible with it. Simply downloading current inventory data to the mobile data terminal from QuickBooks® will get you set up and will enable you to begin taking inventory. The handheld data collection terminal will allow you to transmit updated inventory information back to QuickBooks. If you need barcode labels, you can easily print them using CountIt™ software to send the print request to a laser printer.

Quickbooks® or other similar programs are not compatible with mobile data collection terminals which can ensure that on-hand inventory records are accurate and so businesses are left with having to manually count inventory, which can be slow and costly. This process wastes money, time, and often results in many errors being made. With the addition of CountIt™, this process can be sped up and made more accurate.

As soon as the software is installed, existing data from QuickBooks® or Excel® can be transmitted to the mobile data terminal. From there, the mobile terminal can be used to take inventory by entering the item`s data using the keypad or scanning the item`s. As soon as the count is completed, the updated information can be sent back using CountIt™ to your computer, where it can be used to updated records on QuickBooks® or Excel®. If needed, additional devices can be used simultaneously in order to further speed up the process. To make the process even more efficient, it is recommended to print off barcode labels using your existing data. If you require a printer, you can opt to get a barcode printer such as the WPL606, WPL330, WPL305, or another laser printer to go along with your package.

CountIt™ can be used with QuickBooks® 2002 as well as newer versions, including QuickBooks® 2007. It is compatible with the US, UK, and Canadian versions of QuickBooks®.

Application Benefits:

  • Use already existing data
  • Use mobile data terminal to accurately scan and count inventory
  • Use mobile data terminal to communicate between your PC and update inventory information
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