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Produce Inventory Control Software

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Produce Inventory Control Software

Produce Inventory Control Software

More and more, today’s produce industry is demanding traceability and control over inventory. The Produce Inventory Control Software solution can help your company meet these increasing demands as it is specially designed in order to adapt to the fast paced produce industry and can help your company improve traceability, profitability, and efficiency of operation.

Application Benefits:

  • Provides complete traceability
  • Simple and efficient
  • Affordable for both large and small businesses
  • Designed for all sizes and types of inventories
  • Capable of supporting multiple units for selling and buying
  • Excellent user support and continuously being upgraded

Application Features:

Produce Inventory Control Buying
  • Create quality control, purchase orders, and loads forms
  • System capable of being integrated with accounts payable – Simple to update A/P using Purchase Orders
  • Receiving can be done without the need to obtain Purchase Orders before the product arrives
  • Open ended flexible cost system (only once every invoice has arrives do loads get closed)
  • Capable of setting up Purchase orders in advance so that it can be received once the product is obtained
  • Capable of storing required information for Canada Customs; perfect for imports
  • Supports multiple currencies
Produce Inventory Control Selling
  • Point of sale (POS) order placing system
  • Pricing can be made flexible to adapt to specific customer pricing as well as to accommodate for alternate units
  • Ability to create picking tickets, detailed order forms, Bill of Lading forms, and order labels
  • Display provides data on profit and shows the amount in both percentage and dollars
  • Complete display of all inventory information, including quantity
  • Salesman book number tracking
  • Placed orders are grouped so that they can be corrected and updated easily
  • Stock reservations can be made without having to place orders into the system
  • Supports multiple currencies
Produce Inventory Control Inventory
  • Supports complete Lot Control or First-In First-Out (FIFO) methods
  • Control inventory by taking physical inventory (can opt for barcode readers)
  • Supports warehouse transfers/ track orders
  • Supports user designated or automatically generated stock numbers
  • Number of decimals on price/ quantity can be determined by the user
  • Allows user to set stock adjustment types and input reasons
  • Ability to create barcode labels to manage warehouses or stockrooms
  • Automatically determines which items are current which accommodates for seasonal inventory
  • Allows for picking locations
  • Supports an unlimited number of warehouses
Produce Inventory Control Production
  • Allows for one to one, many to one, or many to many work orders
  • Allows for static or regular lot items to be used as output or input
  • Monitors costs as it flows from original purchase to the final good; the “close” operation then determines the final costs of the output items once all work orders are finished
  • Work orders can be set up manually or by choosing from a set of “bill of materials”
  • New Bill of Materials can be set up as well by saving work orders so that the particular order can be used again
  • When a user enters work orders, the final output products are displayed as “being produced” while the inventory going towards production is shown as “to production”
  • Inventory is constantly updated as work orders are placed and fulfilled; this is all done in real time
  • The solution’s labour system allows the user to manage employees and set up various pay rates
  • The system also allows the user to enter in which employees contributed to a work order and for how long. This information can then be added to the total cost of output
  • Capable of allowing the user to enter in overhead amounts to be added to the total cost
Produce Inventory Control Brokerage
  • Useful in jobs where you are employed to broker the sale of products between two other companies
  • Supports generic and/or Purchaser specific items.
  • Easy to use display and interface to aid in brokerage
  • Weight reported in pounds or kilograms
Produce Inventory Control Accounting
  • Accounts Payable – Supports manually created or system generated cheques, allows for quick entry of vouchers, and supports bank draft wire transfers
  • Accounts Receivable – Supports system generated sending and receiving of accounts repayable information with Toronto Wholesale Produce Association (TWPA), Bill To Accounts, Receipt and Voucher history, broadcast faxing/emailing of statements, and custom A/R statements
  • General Ledger – balance summary screen, account history, income statement, supports multiple open periods, General Journal, balance sheet and other financial statements, G/L history, transactions with history, trial balance, and others
  • Payroll – Simply Payroll, Simply Accounting, , Paymate or EasyPay (3rd party Canadian Payroll software packages) used and integrated into the Produce Inventory Control Software General Ledger
  • Third party accounting software can also be interfaced with the system, such as AccPac
Produce Inventory Control Security
  • Specific functions and menu items can be restricted to control access to them depending on the user
  • Functions which users are not granted access to are hidden from the display
  • The system supports an unlimited number of password protected user profiles
  • Supports the option to automatically log out after extended periods of inactivity
  • Updated or created records include information on the date, time, place, and the user at the time of update or creation
  • Capable of tracking user activities
Produce Inventory Control Management Information
  • Sales and Profit Analysis - By product, customer, salesperson, product category, product/customer, customer/product, or vendor
  • Security and Auditing – system tracks use of the software, including when employees log in or out and activities that occur while the system is being used
  • Financial Statements - The software aids in maintaining the General Ledger as well as several other financial statements and is extremely flexible if obtained with the CodeRunner add-on
  • Profit percentages given as markup or gross margin
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