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Membership Tracking Software

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Membership Tracking Software

Innovative Membership Tracking Software

Membership Tracking Software delivers a simple system that allows you to register, track, and badge your members. It provides you with the means to register members as well as capture and link a photo to their data. The options to add signature and fingerprint scanning are also available. By using ID badge design software, the solution allows you to design and print membership cards as well as enables you to provide temporary passes. The system also keeps a record of entrance by the use of handheld scanners or check-in stations.

The user can set up specific access policies and turnstiles may be set up and triggered to unlock to provide access to the facility. The solution can be integrated with existing systems across several locations seamlessly.

Complete Membership Tracking Solution

  • Track employees and members
  • Search and retrieve records quickly with definable lookup fields
  • Set access levels depending on the type of members, time of day, and location
  • Ability to display notification when membership will expire soon
  • Supports visual as well as audible notifications upon access being denied
  • Ability to issue unlimited or limited use plastic ID cards
  • Capability to view and print reports (such as evacuation reports)
  • Solution can be integrated into existing systems
  • Member check-in through mobile scanners

Configurable Membership Tracking Database

To begin, you can select from either a pre-configured database or else easily connect to an existing one. The software allows the user to define facility specific database fields. The software allows you to create drop-down lists, layout fields, and allows you to set default values. You can import existing records from CSV, Excel, or other database files.

Fast Membership Registration

Membership Tracking Software allows for a quick and simple registration process. Simply enter the data and capture any other necessary data such as photographs and fingerprints. If required, a registration kiosk can be installed to allow members to register themselves.

Issue Professional Membership Tracking Badges

By using an integrated version of card designer suite, Membership Tracking Software allows you to design and create professional membership cards and badges. It allows you to add 1D or 2D barcodes into the design of the card as well as encode contactless cards and magnetic stripes. It allows you to automatically print badges following registration as well as set up rules so that duplicates are not printed.

Track Membership Entry and Set Policies

The system can be set up to either support kiosk check in or handheld check in in order to track member entrance. To check in, barcodes, contactless card, or magnetic stripes can be used to verify the process. The software allows you to set access policies depending on the time, date, member type, location, number of entries, and/or expiry date. The check in process can also be used to obtain additional information; for example, tracking the class a member is going to or charging additional fees. The system allows you to print usage reports as well as check in members using a handheld device.

Membership Tracking Feature

  • Solution can be integrated into existing systems
  • Ability to scan one-day passes and membership IDs using wired or mobile scanners
  • Supports use of open and close turnstiles
  • Check-in can be run in either an attended or unattended mode
  • Configurable rules for check in process
  • Allows worker to perform other tasks while checking in members
  • Supports audible or visual notifications for denied access
  • Displays on screen notifications
  • Instantly updates database after registration, check outs, check ins, and badge printing
  • Ability to customize record and interface displays
  • Allows user to manage and link several locations
  • Reports facility usage
  • Ability to print out reports, such as member history and usage
  • Ability to search for membership data using configurable search tools
  • Allows for duplication of member records for quick registration of a group or family
  • Comes with an integrated card design suite for creating professional cards
  • Graphics, barcodes, RFID, magnetic stripes, watermarks, etc. can be added to cards
  • Additional low-cost check in stations can be added
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