Inventory Control


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Inventory Control

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Inventory Control

Inventory Control

OCR’s Inventory Control solution offers a system that provides complete control over all inventory tasks including: shipping and receiving, moves, purchase orders, adjustments, physical inventory counts, pick lists, BOMs, and full reporting.

Inventory control delivers a barcode inventory control solution that can be configured to meet your needs for the management of: distribution areas, supply rooms, manufacturing plants, stock rooms, work in process, packaging plants, facilities management, as well as many other facilities.

Application Benefits

  • Increased control and accountability
  • Reduced inventory levels lead to increased savings
  • Instant access to existing, present inventory levels
  • Eliminates occurrences of errors that come with book keeping
  • Lessen the occurrence of unexpected inventory shortage
  • Streamline and quicken inventory related processes, including time it take to take physical inventories, send out inventory, and receive inventory
  • Quick return on investment

Inventory Control delivers excellent control and tracking for medical supplies, food, envelopes, recalls, production batches, as well as other items. The solution utilizes ASAP Systems, which provide technology which minimizes the hassle of managing inventory so that your business can go about what it does best without having to worry. Inventory Control will increase your business’ efficiency and earn a high return on investment.

Inventory Control offers the following features:

  • Track All Inventory Received
  • Receive with or without using a Purchase Order (PO)
  • Add received inventory to the database and give it a location
  • Capability of using Unit of Measure (UOM) Multiplier to receive
  • Allows multiple locations for the same inventory item
  • Records and sorts inventory issued by destination information
  • Ability to issue against a Sales Order (SO)
  • Tracks local and global levels of inventory and allows you to maintain a standard inventory cost
  • Supports dedicated and random putaway
  • Maintains information of suppliers
  • Categorizes finished goods, work-in-progresses, and raw materials
  • Automatically sets out quantity that must be reordered
  • Aids in physical inventory and cycle counts
  • Ability to easily transfer physical inventory to books
  • Provides method of tracking works in progress (WIP)
  • Manage assemblies/ kits
  • Supports First In First Out Control (FIFO)
  • Create pick lists, Bill of Materials (BOM), and inventory lists
  • Easy create management reports
  • Export data to Text, Excel, HTML, or other programs
  • Print Catalogs and barcode labels
  • Simple to use menu driven display software
  • Makes use of mobile and cabled scanners
  • Can be configured to meet your needs

Inventory Control meets real world demands:

  • Managing standard Inventories
  • Managing inventories built on quantity and stock number
  • Managing serialized Inventories
  • Keeps track of individually tagged inventory items using serial numbers or ID numbers
  • Managing batch / lot inventories
  • Tracking for medical supplies, expiration dated food, chemicals, as well as other items
  • Supports lot codes, date codes, and expiration dates
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