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Check Out/In Tracking

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Check Out/In Tracking

Check Out/In Tracking

OCR’s Check Out/In Tracking solution allows for the automation of all essential item lifecycle management tasks. It allows you to follow and manage an items complete lifecycle and automates the full process. This includes tracking purchase orders, receiving, movement, check-outs, check-ins, pick lists, physical inventory tasks, and enables the user to view a full report on the process.

The solution provides you with a full Check Out/In tracking system which allows for an integrated, configurable barcode based item control solution for managing: equipment, tools, boxes, people, samples, documents, boxes, records, contracts, and virtually any other type of item.

Whether you need to track documents, people, vehicles, or tools, OCR’s Check Out/In solution delivers unmatched control. Tracking equipment, people, and other items should not get in the way of your primary task and so Check Out/In Tracking provides a solution which will keep your business organized for you so that you can focus on the job at hand. Check Out/In Tracking will help your business become more efficient and, as a result, generate the highest return on investment (ROI).

Application Benefits:

  • Unmatched Control and Accountability
  • Recognize savings from reduced inventory
  • Eliminate errors which come along with book-based tracking
  • Eliminate missed calibration or maintenance scheduling
  • Reduce time spent on physical inventory counting
  • Access to item locations
  • Rapid return on investment

Application Features:

  • Location tracking
  • Ability to make overdue notices
  • Auditable movement history report
  • Ability to export data to Excel
  • Standard Reports on checked out items
  • Simple, menu-driven software
  • Ability to add new items to inventory
  • Conducting physical inventory
  • Ability to assign due dates
  • Ability to print catalogs and barcode labels
  • Date stamped transactions
  • No knowledge of programming or configuration required
  • Ability to use wireless and wired scanners
  • Ability to create a schedule for maintenance and calibration
  • User configurable to designated specifications
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