Stop Loss and Increase Profitability

Times have changed and companies need to adapt to the new way of doing business. That includes modifying their processes and systems to remain competitive and profitable.

Business Scenario #1

A company drop shipped over 125 monitors and wireless keyboards/mouse combinations to the staff sheltering in place.

Business Scenario #2

A local school provided every teacher and student with Chromebooks which are supposed to be returned at the end of the school year.

Business Scenario #3

A manufacturing company sent 75% of their office staff home with their laptops, docking stations, monitors, webcams, phones, power strips, etc.

The Risks

  • Lost Assets
  • Unexpected/unplanned expenses
  • Time wasted tracking missing assets
  • Difficult to report, audit, and ensure compliance
  • Unnecessary equipment purchases

The Solution

  • Speed – Up and running in a day
  • Visibility for all your assets at anytime, from anywhere
  • Streamlined audits
  • Automated reports
  • No more lost assets

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