Keep Your Employees Safe with Disinfection AMRs

Disinfection AMRs for Large-Scale Facilities

Breezy One™ Fogging Disinfection Robot

Breezy One is the world’s first self-cleaning, autonomous mobile robot designed for large-scale facilities such as warehouses, factories, distribution centers, and airports. One robot can sanitize a 100,000 square foot space autonomously in 1.5 hours using a proprietary, EPA-registered, United States government designed and tested disinfectant that is safe for people after only 2 hours. Breezy One was created with big, critical workplaces in mind, to assist our country go back to work while making employees’ duties safer and simpler. Built on best-in-class, cloud-based AMR technology, Breezy One has dynamic safety features such as superior mapping, navigation, and obstacle avoidance.

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Smartguard uv

Disinfect Public Areas with SmartGuard UV™

SmartGuard UV is the first high-intensity, broad-spectrum UV robot designed to disinfect high-traffic areas and shared spaces from Coronavirus, the virus that causes COVID-19, swiftly and safely without the use of dangerous chemicals or the need for employees to re-enter the area. To destroy organisms’ DNA and RNA, the UV Pulsed Xenon system creates germicidal UV-C, UV-B, and anti-bacterial UV-A. SmartGuardUV has been shown to be 99.9% effective against Coronavirus, as well as viruses like Ebola, Norovirus, and Influenza, as well as mold, fungi, and bacteria that may be present in your facility. To optimize UV coverage, the robot may be programmed to move to different points in an area or room, pulse, spin, and pulse again.

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