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Asset Tracking

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Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking - Mobile Auditing

Asset Tracking mobilizes your business’ audit tracking system. Asset Tracking provides the mobile functionality that most asset tracking solutions lack. It is fully compatible with most major corporate audit software software.

Everything you need to audit is stored on the device so there is no need to connect to a wireless network. Asset records pre-loaded on the device and it comes equipped with barcode scanner to aid in instantly locating assets.

The device comes with multiple functionalities, including the ability to fill out incomplete asset records (serial numbers, etc.) as well as the ability to take and link photographs of an item. It is compatible with an on-board camera which can link an asset to a specific picture.

With OCR’s Asset Tracking solution, auditing assets accurately will never have been easier. Unlike most other solutions, it is capable of mobilizing the process, making the process much more efficient. With Asset Tracking, you are capable of designing the audit forms that suit your needs and are compatible with your existing asset tracking software.

Application Features

  • Bar-code scanner enabled
  • Unlimited form design capabilities
  • Ability to work without wireless
  • Uses device camera to photograph assets
  • Send asset data to mobile device with one click
  • Imports and exports in many formats
  • Design custom audit forms in seconds
  • Read asset data from device with one click
  • No limit to the number of fields you can include
  • No limit to the number of forms you can create
  • Requires Microsoft Windows device
  • Requires Microsoft Windows desktop
  • Motorola, Intermec, Psion, Datalogic, HTC
  • Works with the SAP asset tracking module
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