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When deciding which printer to use for a particular application, don’t forget to consider other factors such as printing software, media supplies, ribbons, replacement parts, and accessories. These need to be considered to understand the total cost of ownership. Professional services can support seamless integration into your business environment and can include such services as development, technical services, training, and service agreements.

When all is said and done, remember the end result will be a readable bar code that meets ANSI specifications and is sharp and detailed so that any barcode scanner will not have difficulty reading it. Ensuring that the media being printed on is compliant with ISO standards, durable, dust-free, and smooth will give you better print quality. Remember that not all media stock will be able to meet your requirements and that choosing the media is essential to the success of your project. Today there is a large selection of materials for printing documents, tickets and receipts with your barcode printer. For additional best practices, ensure you consider these important factors when choosing materials: material thickness, exposure to heat or moisture, and shelf-life.