May 27, 2019  OCR Canada Ltd. Acquires Multisource Group Corporation

March 5, 2019  OCR Canada Ltd. acquires QSG Inc.

October 13, 2015  Guarantee Quality On Even The Smallest Of Labels with Zebra Xi4-Series Printers

October 13, 2015  Getting The Job Done With The Zebra ZQ500-Series Mobile Printers

February 4, 2015  Go Zebra 2015 Printer Trade In Program - Get $500 Cash Back

January 23, 2015  OCR Canada Names Tony Mastrangeli VP of Sales for Canada

December 12, 2014  Barcodes, Inc. Announces the Acquisition of OCR Canada Ltd.

October 16, 2014  Win a 60” LED Smart T.V. courtesy of Honeywell and OCR!

June 20, 2014  OCR and MOTOROLA help you get more from the assets you already have!

April 15, 2014  OCR, Intermec and Waudware presents Food Traceability Solutions

April 5, 2014  OCR and Zebra 2014 Trade In Special!

February 27, 2014  OCR with Intermec presents Secure Healthcare Data Automation Solutions

February 25, 2014  OCR presenting the NEW Captuvo SL22 Enterprise Sled for Apple Devices

January 16, 2014 Campaign  OCR and Xplore presents the RangerX Lightweight Rugged Tablet

January 10, 2014 Campaign  FREE Battery from OCR

November 19, 2013 Campaign  OCR and Hybrid PCI compliant Software apps

November 19, 2013 Campaign  Printer Trade In Rewards Program

Jul 5, 2013 OCR becomes an Apple Authorized Reseller in Canada

May 24, 2013 Campaign Motorola Trade In and Recycle Program

May 24, 2013 Campaign Home Store Delivery Solutions with Intermec and Clear Destination

May 17, 2013 OCR Canada Ltd. Acquires Aurora Bar Code Technologies Ltd.

Apr 23, 2013 OCR Exhibits their Direct Store Delivery Solutions at the Bakery Congress 2013

Dec 7, 2012 Campaign Rugged Mobile Computers Built to Thrive in and out of the Cold!

Oct 30, 2012 Campaign Special Zebra Barcode Printers offer!

Jun 29, 2012 Campaign Motorola ET1 special TDL offer!

May 18, 2012 Campaign Field Service Automation

Apr 30, 2012 Campaign Motorola MC9190 replaces discontinued MC9090

Mar 12, 2012 Campaign Mobile Label Printer

Feb 8, 2012 Press Release Intermec Canada Partner of the Year, again!

Feb 3, 2012 Campaign Complete Transportation Fleet Management

Oct 11, 2011 Press Release OCR Expansion Across Canada

Aug 3, 2011 Press Release Thermal Printer Services

Mar 7, 2011 Press Release Motorola Pinnacle Club Award for Canada

Mar 1, 2011 Press Release Intermec Partner of the Year Award for Canada

Jul 14, 2010 Press Release Label Printers

Jun 4, 2010 Press Release Warehouse Inventory Software

Apr 30, 2010 Press Release OCR Services Intermec Printers

Apr 12, 2010 Press Release OCR Moves May 17, 2010

Mar 16, 2010 Press Release Mobile POS Software Canada

Feb 8, 2010 Press Release Intermec Canada Partner of the Year

Feb 3, 2010 Press Release Produce Traceability Software

Dec 16, 2009 Press Release PCI Wireless Compliance

Nov 4, 2009 Press Release Barcode Asset Management Software

Aug 17, 2009 Press Release P370 Cordless Data Entry Validation System

May 19, 2009 Press Release Canadian Partner of the Year

Click here to read the 2010 letter from the President!



OCR Canada Ltd. provides the most innovative products and advanced integrated mobile data systems required by today’s Canadian companies, large or small. OCR’s professional staff provides expert on-site consultation, skilled installation and attentive after-sales service.

See our barcode and RFID reference pages to read about barcode and RFID technology and how these technologies are used in the AIDC industry.


Originating in 1972 as an optical character recognition (OCR) service bureau to convert printed text into digital media, OCR Canada operated the largest, busiest bureau in Canada, with offices in Toronto and Montreal.

By the next decade, customer demand for more sophisticated capabilities created a technological revolution in data collection, now known as automatic identification and data capture (AIDC). Early in this digital revolution, OCR became a totally integrated AIDC provider.


With top-of-the-line products from long-trusted manufacturers, OCR tailors solutions to your specific barcoding and wireless LAN requirements. Our expansive inventories of hardware are matched by a time-tested software suite that enables your company to control and improve your logistic efficiencies.

As more and newer 802.11n wireless standards are released, you can be confident that OCR can successfully integrate new products, regardless of brand name, into your system to achieve your objectives.

OCR’s Programming Division addresses your need for specialized total data collection solutions with a no-cost, 30-day evaluation of your hardware and a customized solution. After the solution is approved, OCR seamlessly and quickly integrates it into your system so that your normal work processes are not interrupted. The OCR customer service and support team ensures that your system renders efficient, cost-effective service to your company.

Barcode and Wireless Network Manufacturers

OCR’s decades-long relationships with our suppliers has resulted in a Premium Systems Partner classification and many achievement awards:

  • In 2010, top honours from both Intermec and Motorola, a first for any Canadian company!
  • In 2011, Motorola’s Pinnacle Club recognized “Outstanding Sales and Partner Performance” in 2010 for overall sales performance and partnership.
  • In 2011, Intermec’s 2010 Canadian Partner of the Year.
  • In 2012, Intermec’s 2011 Canadian Partner of the Year.

These partnerships succeed by linking Auto-ID technology with wireless applications created for worldwide businesses in a variety of specialized markets.

OCR continually provides innovative products, a wide range of training opportunities, and a global stance. Our customers can expect flawless integration and award-winning after-sales support and services that add value to your data collection system.

Partial List of Barcode and Wireless Network Manufacturers:

Motorola Symbol Cisco Hand Held Products PSC Intermec Opticon
Scan Corporation Sick Optic EPC Solutions Linx Metrologic Iris
Sato Denso Teklynx Citadel Unitech Densei
Zebra Glacier Computer TraffiCom LXE Cognitive AML
Itronix Intellitrack

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