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Introducing the T-Series™ RFID Tunnel Solution

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The Challenge

Manual Processes and Staffing Shortages in the Supply Line

Conveyor belts and manual scanning create unseen bottlenecks no matter what industry your supply line functions in. Add to this the element of human error, and the missed shipments and costly mistakes grow more common.

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RFID Tunnel Series

The Solution

RFID Tunnel Scanners for Conveyor Belt Systems

Whether you are scanning containers or individual items on a conveyor belt, the SLS T-Series® helps reduce errors from both humans and outdated technology alike. RFID hardware has evolved in every way, including durability, adoption, and scalability. Rather than operator error, manual scanning, or faulty laser systems with years of wear and tear, consider an RFID tunnel solution. The differences are profound:

  • Automated Conveyor Zones You Can Rely On
    T-Series® tunnel solutions require very little power, establish reliable RFID read zones, and minimize tag adjacency issues – multi-line distribution centers read items and containers at extremely high volumes at twice the speed.
  • Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Construction
    Engineered for high-volume supply lines in harsh environments, RFID tunnels help increase shipment output and accuracy without compromising on durability. When we say high-volume, tunnels can read hundreds of RFID tags at once depending on fpm and box spacing.
  • Easy Integration and Scalability
    NLike the D-Series®, the T-Series® runs completely off Power over Ethernet (PoE). The simple installation process doesn’t require new A/C power installations, complex software algorithms, or difficult mounting. RFID tunnels are entirely customizable, providing the ROI, repeatability, and scalability your supply chain needs.

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T-Series RFID Tunnel

The Products

T-Series™ from SLS

T-Series™ RFID tunnel systems are now available for installation. The T-Series™ is custom built to fit your existing operation. Minimum box spacing is 18”, with a 42” x 35” x 64” standard outer housing. We can manufacture the exact tunnel scanner your organization needs to thrive and get more products out the door.

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