Connect Existing Conveyor Systems with a RollerTop Robot

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Increase the Flexibility of Fixed Conveyors

For years, conveyor systems have significantly enhanced industrial productivity; nevertheless, these fixed assets are difficult to adjust to today’s ever-changing material transport requirements. In conveyor-driven applications, the Fetch RollerTop solution promotes flexibility and automation. With both adjustable height and autonomous navigation, RollerTops can navigate themselves to conveyor and/or ASRS ends to load and unload totes and bins, allowing your personnel to focus on activities that need human decision making rather than loading and unloading manually.

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  • Conveyors or ASRSs can be used to automate the loading and unloading of totes and bins.
  • Extend existing conveyor operations with ease without having to invest in new infrastructure.
  • Connect a SICK TDC gateway to any conveyor controller to automate hand-offs between RollerTop robots and active powered conveyors.
  • Picking, replenishment, kitting, lineside delivery, and more are just a few of the processes that can be automated.

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Fetch Robotics-RollerTop

Product Features
  • Max payload weight by height: 80kg (176.4lbs)
  • Adjustable surface height from 18″ – 36″ tall
  • Loading and unloading are detected by a built-in photoelectric sensor, which may be utilized as a workflow trigger.
  • The complete CartConnect AMR system is ANSI/RIA R15.08 compliant and has the CE certification thanks to industry-leading on-board robot safety software and sensors.

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