Robotics for Manufacturing

Optimize Production Lines and Enable Lean Manufacturing with AMRs

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The Challenge

Increase Manufacturing Output, Even with a Shrinking Workforce

Chronic labor shortages and an unpredictable supply chain continue to plague the manufacturing industry. As increasing demand turns up the pressure, manufacturing leaders must be flexible and willing to innovate, or risk falling behind competitors for good.

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The Solution

Implement Lean Manufacturing Practices with AMRs

To make the most of a limited workforce, manufacturers should reduce and remove unnecessary activities, such as transportation, motion, and dwell time. While lean manufacturing has been an end goal for decades, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) bring the vision to life in a way that is achievable and scalable.

  • Lineside Delivery
    Autonomous bots transport raw, work-in-progress, and kitted materials between different production lines.
  • Workcell Delivery
    Components, parts, and kits are delivered to assembly workstations by request. Partially assembled goods can also be transferred from cell to cell.
  • Detrash and Recycling
    Let AMRs remove waste materials, recyclables, and trash from production areas..
  • Cycle Counting
    Automate your cycle counting. Retain the same visibility into material levels and output, while freeing up workers for more critical needs.

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