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The Challenge

Expand eCommerce Fulfillment Capabilities, Even in a Labor Shortage

Because it doesn’t occupy in-store inventory, eCommerce still takes up three times as much space. Retail distribution centers are expected to ship product to both stores and to consumers. With global supply chain delays and fewer workers, how can more product be fulfilled faster? The answer is autonomous mobile robots (AMRs).

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Fetch Robotics HMIShelf Transport
The Solution

Embrace Automation Technology to Increase Output and Speed

To keep operations running in a shortage of skilled laborers, smart technology solutions are key to meeting fulfillment demands. Optimize and empower your fulfillment centers with AMR.

  • Each & Batch Picking
    Dynamically deliver orders to workers and keep workers in a specific zone to reduce congestion in aisles.
  • Case Picking
    Build mixed pallets onto AMRs to increase productivity, reduce reliance on forklifts, and eliminate wasted travel time.
  • Pallet Picking
    Fetch AMRs can transport palletized loads up to 48″ x 48″ with 2,500 lbs capacity for pallet picking applications.
  • Putaway & Replenishment
    Prioritize putaway and replenishment tasks through WES and leverage picking staff with replenishment task interleaving.
  • Returns
    Streamline returns process using AMRs to transport returns to restock, repack, refurbishment, liquidation stations or areas.
  • Detrash & Recycling
    AMRs help declutter the warehouse by removing waste materials and recyclables to free capacity and keep areas organized.

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