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Increase Pick Rates Significantly with Pick-to-Robot, Tote, or Cart Solutions

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The Solution

Fetch Pick robots do the job safe and worry free

Fetch Pick-to-Robot
Associates obtain visual instructions from the WMS or WES directly on the robot’s screen. Items are picked up and placed on the robot, tote, bin, or shipment box. Once each picking is finished, the robot automatically proceeds to the next picking station and/or transfers all picked goods to the final packout area.

Fetch Pick-to-Tote
Associates remain in their pick zones while awaiting orders from the WMS or WES. Items are picked for the tote on the RollerTop or for totes positioned on the RollerTop. When the pick is finished, the robot automatically proceeds to the next pick and transfers the goods to a designated packout area.

Fetch Pick-to-Cart
After workers receive picking instructions, items are selected and loaded straight into the FetchCart (which can also accommodate boxes, totes, and bins). Once complete, the robot picks up the loaded FetchCart and unloads it at the next pickup zone or carries it to the consolidation location.

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