Robotics Detrash & Recycling

Let AMRs Transport Waste Materials to Recycling Instead of Your Workforce

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How Robotics Saves You Time and Money

Autonomous Recycling Removal

Leave the recycling and rubbish removal to the robots and dedicate your human resources to more productive tasks. With our heavy load AMRs you can schedule your robot to pick up a bulk (gaylord) container filled with refuse and remove it without the need of a forklift, tug, or manually moved cart. When your robot is not removing trash and recycling from your stations, it can be repurposed easily to do other productive workflows like delivering replenishment flow racks to the line in manufacturing sites or completed pallets to shipping in a distribution center.

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It’s Simple

How AMRs Haul Away Materials and Waste for You

Pickup and delivery can be set to an automatic schedule with an AMR and a control tablet running FetchCore. Full bins are picked up, and empty bins are returned. Repeat, repeat, repeat – without burning out your workforce or wasting their time transporting waste.

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