Robotics Cycle Counting

Make Inventory Cycle Counting Fast, Accurate, and Profitable with Fewer Workers

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Automate Inventory Cycle Counting with Robotics

There’s a reason manual inventory is done is rarely done more than twice a year – it sucks. It’s expensive. It’s extremely labor and time intensive. And to do it properly, physical inventory and cycle counts require facility downtime for wall-to-wall counts which costs even more. Even after all this time and money, manual counts are prone to error and double counting. That is, until AMRs came into the picture.

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Robotics TagSurveyor

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How to Improve Inventory Accuracy and Worker Morale Simultaneously

Smarter inventory management is possible with autonomous mobile robots and RFID tags. UHF RFID technology is becoming the standard technology for distribution centers and manufacturers to count and track their inventory. Next generation technology like TagSurveyor allows innovative companies to find, track, and count their inventory autonomously while improving inventory accuracy and reducing costs. When complete, the AMR automatically detaches from the FetchCart and is ready for the next task.

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