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Optimize Case Picking with AMRs

Minimize the amount of time your specialized employees have to leave their zones to transport cases and partial pallets through the facility. This has the added benefit of reducing forklift and lift truck accidents and congestion for your other operations.
By remaining in their zones, case pickers can focus on picking while AMRs transport partial and complete orders or pallets to the next stage in the case picking process. Integrations with WES and WMS systems maximize UPH and greatly decrease order turnaround time.

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How AMR-Assisted Case Picking Works

When pickers receive orders in their zone, they pick the case directly onto a pallet on the robot, allowing the robot to autonomously transport partial orders between zones or complete orders to areas designed for pallet wrapping or shipping. Now that your pickers aren’t manually moving goods throughout your facility, they are able to keep picking instead of spending the majority of their valuable time moving goods to the next stage in the case picking process.

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