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Introducing the M-Series™ Mobile Forklift Solution

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The Challenge

Manual Processes and Staffing Shortages in the Supply Line

Legacy processes, manual item scans, and unnecessary forklift trips can cause operations to grind to a halt. Staffing shortages and rushed training only add to the lost productivity. Combined, these challenges make it difficult to adapt your workflow to daily order changes and consumer demand.

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The Solution

Mobile RFID Pallet Scanners

Rather than scanning individual items and containers at multiple junctions in the supply chain, the SLS M-Series® allows entire pallets of items to be scanned right on the forklift. Rather than operator error, manual scanning, or redundant trips around the distribution center, consider a mobile RFID pallet solution. The differences are profound:

  • Entire Pallets Scanned with Maximum Accuracy
    M-Series™ establish reliable RFID read zones directly on forklifts (or anywhere you need a mobile RFID zone). This reduces the need for more staff, all while analyzing entire pallets with greater speed and accuracy than ever.
  • Extremely Durable
    Engineered for high-volume supply lines in harsh environments, the M-Series™ increases shipment output and accuracy without compromising on durability. Forklifts are built for regular wear and tear, so the RFID technology should be just as tough.
  • Simple Installation, Greater Adaptability
    The M-Series® runs completely off Power over Ethernet (PoE). The simple installation process doesn’t require new A/C power installations, complex software algorithms, or complicated installation. Adapt and scale with ease, all while realizing immediate ROI.

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M-Series Mobile RFID

The Products

M-Series™ from SLS

M-Series™ RFID mobile systems are now available for installation on forklifts of all sizes, as well as in other custom applications. We’ll build the exact mobile RFID solution your organization needs to modernize and expediate your supply chain.

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