Social Distancing Proximity Sensing

Empowering employees to understand their physical proximity to co-workers and be alerted in real-time to social distance violations has become business critical functionality.

To support an optimized return to the ‘new normal’ business reality, organizations of all types require new tools to provide their employees the comfort they need to return to their jobs and to enable compliance with Government mandated social rules and future OSHA guidelines.

With the WorkSafeTM mobile app, once an employee signs into their device to begin their shift, they are notified to via alerts:

  • Haptic feedback vibration
  • Visual alarms
  • Audible alarms

Organizations must be able to understand, at a glance, which employees are too close to others and provide SAFE work space guidance as well as contact tracing, should the need arise.

Social Distance operational reporting (via the WorkSafeTM admin web interface):

  • 14 and 21 day quick work history look-up
  • Who has worked in proximity to whom?
  • How long?
  • What days?
  • Who else did they have contact with?

Enabling Hands Free Work

WorkSafeTM is designed as an enterprise-ready social distancing solution. To enable a worker full range of motion in their duties, Zebra BLE beacon technology is paired with an Android device and fastened to the worker’s arm, wrist, a lanyard or pinned to a high visibility vest as appropriate to the work environment.

WorkSafeTM leverages modern Android devices (Android 7+) (both rugged and consumer) and consumer blue-tooth technologies to provide a baseline application. This can be enhanced, as required, with proximity beacons and modern business RFID technologies as necessary.

To enable quick deployment, the WorkSafeTM administration architecture is based on a proven enterprise cloud based framework for tracking assets using the latest technologies.

Core Product Features

  • Hierarchy-based facility tracking.
  • An at-a-glance dashboard status of all employees on shift and their distance to others.
  • Proximity Alerts and the actionable next steps for Supervisors.
  • Creation of a custom notification hierarchy.
  • Employee-tracking using RFID and beacons when necessary.
  • Contact Tracing.

Internationalization and Multi-Lingual Support

  • WorkSafeTM is designed to be used across multiple geographies and languages.
  • As such, it is built from the ground-up to support multiple languages and can be localized to suit the needs of a particular geographic.

Application Integration

WorkSafeTM is based on a proven enterprise grade platform for Asset Management, Asset360. As such, the open and extensible architecture and design of Asset360 allows for integration with a large variety of complementary systems including but not limited to, CRMs, ERPs, messaging or legacy enterprise systems.

  • Import user and device information from an MDM, CSV file and other source.
  • Interface with LDAP, Active Directory and other authentication mechanisms.
  • Import/export data from external systems including ERPs, databases and other sources.
  • Customization according to a company’s workflow and specific situations.

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