Voice Picking in the Warehouse

Bringing Voice-Directed Efficiencies to Distribution Centers of All Sizes

Voice-directed technology has been a mainstay of large-scale distribution and order fulfillment operations for decades. But for many small to medium-sized businesses and smaller warehouse operations — where infrastructure investments, customization costs and speed to deployment are common barriers to adoption — the benefits of robust voice technology have been largely out of reach. Until now.

Primarily used by workers to automate picking tasks, voice technology delivers proven process efficiencies and worker benefits, including:

  • Improved accuracy and throughput
  • Fast training and onboarding
  • Eyes-up, hands-free operation
  • Enhanced worker safety and satisfaction

The voice-enabled Guided Work mobile app runs on compatible Android or iOS devices.

Voice Guided Work is engineered specifically for smaller distribution center (DC) operations to deliver the power and benefits of voice-guided workflows to your mobile workforce. Guided Work moves your workers safely and efficiently, making their jobs easier while enabling them to operate more productively, accurately and profitably. Highly configurable, Guided Work directs your associates, working both hands-free and eyes-free, through their mobile workflows — such as picking, receiving, replenishment, put-away and cycle counting — to minimize steps and maximize efficiencies.

Guided Work is based on rugged, ergonomic hardware and robust speech recognition software that integrates with leading enterprise resource planning (ERP) providers. This proven solution enables smaller businesses to quickly implement hands-free, paperless, voice guided workflows while fully utilizing existing warehouse software and mobile technology investments.

Once integrated, the ERP pushes workflows to a voice-enabled Guided Work mobile app that runs on compatible Android or iOS devices. Not only does this give workers a head start with a common, familiar platform, it also allows them to manage multiple interfaces — such as voice, scanning and keypads — alongside other mobile work applications.

Guided Work in Your Warehouse

Guided Work frees mobile workers’ hands and eyes to maximize productivity and achieve higher accuracy rates. Our robust solution is comprised of:

  • Ergonomic SRX3 and SRX-SL headsets keep wearers comfortable throughout a shift
  • Directional microphones deliver clear, crisp audio from your workers into the system
  • A wearable mobile device (including your existing Android-based investments) to interface with the voice-enabled Guided Work mobile app (Android or iOS)
  • Simple bundle offering includes hardware, headset, application and license for easy purchase, deployment and support
  • Advanced, configurable software that integrates with your preferred host system, including SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and HighJump Warehouse Edge

Using advanced “text-to-speech” and “speech-to-text” technologies (currently available in more than 40 languages), the system converts warehouse management system (WMS) information to direct warehouse operators to their next location and through the required tasks or steps to complete a process.

As a worker completes each step, they speak a verbal confirmation into the headset. Spoken information is converted into data by Guided Work software, then communicated back to your host system to provide real-time productivity and inventory updates.

Large Returns for Small Businesses

Free Your Associates’ Hands and Eyes for a Productivity Boost
Compared to legacy paper- and RF scanner-based systems, Guided Work delivers productivity increases up to 35 percent. Whether picking products, repairing equipment, or learning a new job, associates often have their hands full of scanners, devices, checklists, procedures and other impediments to look at — instead of focusing on the task at hand. This enables smaller operations to more efficiently handle increasing e-commerce volumes, speeds and complexities.

Voice-Guided Workflows Significantly Reduce Errors
By verbally guiding workers to pick the correct products from specified locations, Guided Work delivers accuracy improvements that reduce errors by up to 50 percent. Accurately filled orders ensure happier customers, whose expectations for correct, timely order fulfillment will be met consistently.

Heads-Up Associates are Safer Associates
With their eyes freed from paper-based picking, the safety of mobile workers is improved by up to 20 percent as they travel through a facility. Mobile workforce automation results in more intuitive task execution, reduced workplace distractions and fewer accidents. The dialog between Guided Work and associates also creates a more engaged workforce, greatly enhancing employee satisfaction and retention rates — an important workplace differentiator in today’s challenging labor market.

Move Your People Where You Need Them Most
Ideal for structured work, Guided Work automatically directs associates to their next task or location by prompting them with instructions and timelines. Whether picking items in one area of the warehouse, clearing bottlenecks in another location, or performing routine maintenance and inspection throughout the facility, the solution guides mobile workers through each task; their responses trigger the next step in the process or workflow. As they complete tasks, data is communicated back to the host system to give supervisors and managers clear views of current operations and work in progress.

Benefits of Guided Work
Guided Work is proven to deliver the following transformative benefits to your operation:

  • Increase productivity up to 35 percent
  • Reduce up to 50 percent of picking errors
  • Achieve 99.99 percent order accuracy rates
  • Reduce attrition rates by 30 percent
  • Improve worker safety up to 20 percent
  • Reduce new employee training time up to 50 percent
  • Allow workers to speak in their native languages (currently in more than 40 languages)

Seamless System Integration
Completely flexible for operations large and small, the Guided Work software and mobile app integrate with host systems of all types — including warehouse management software platforms and ERP solutions such as SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and HighJump Warehouse Edge. This seamless integration allows Guided Work to assume management of existing processes and introduce new, optimized workflows — all of which are captured in real time with your business systems.

Leverage Existing Software and Technology Investments
For maximum efficiency, Guided Work is designed to work seamlessly with both Honeywell and non-Honeywell mobile devices — including compatible iOS and Android technologies. Additional customization options include scanners, radio-frequency identification (RFID) readers, or virtually any other mobile device suitable for use in a DC environment.

Leverage the Power of Voice Automation
Are you ready to reap the benefits of voice-guided workflows? Guided Work is based on an industry-leading combination of turnkey hardware, software and support services. Regardless of your business’ size, operational requirements or objectives, our expert integration teams are committed to helping you get moving with Guided Work.

Depending on your existing investments, Voice Guided Work solutions can include mobile devices, headsets, applications and licensing. Our expert team works with customers to help them configure standard workflows and best practices, and then trains them to start using our system immediately. As a bundled, out-of-the-box solution, Guided Work ensures that your operations experience the benefits of voice-guided workflows in as little as four weeks.

Faster training and Onboarding of a diverse Workforce
Intuitive, voice-guided instruction cuts new employee training time in half, while ensuring that these employees begin working at much higher productivity and accuracy levels. Voice speech recognition capabilities significantly reduce onboarding time and allow existing employees to be quickly cross-trained to support a variety of operational functions. It also enables rapid training of a more diverse workforce, including temporary employees and non-native speakers. Voice recognition software even adapts to workers’ individual speech preferences, minimizing the need for repeating spoken interactions, saving time and making work more engaging.

“Implementing Voice Guided Work solutions has been a win-win for both DC management and associates. Our employees have welcomed the transition to voice-directed workflows while we’ve seen our operational efficiency, productivity and accuracy levels significantly increase.”
— Operations manager

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