Mobile Device Management

What is Mobile Device Management?

Mobile Device Management (MDM) is software that allows IT administrators to deploy, secure, monitor, integrate and manage a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, and IoT devices in the workplace from a central admin console.

MDM enables IT administrators to quickly address the challenges associated with mobility by providing a simplified and efficient way to view, manage and secure all company and employee owned devices across the enterprise.

When selecting an MDM platform for your business, it’s important that you have a full set up of security and management tools for all devices, such as iOS, Android or Windows, macOS, and more. This will allow IT administrators to easily manage and secure endpoints defectively and efficiently helping o streamline processes, increase productivity and reduce downtime.

Organizations that need to quickly push software updates, manage user settings, remotely clean and wipe devices, administer compliance standards and more will benefit from having an MDM strategy in place.

MDM is an important aspect of Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM). EMM includes mobile application, identify, and access management.

Whether you work in industries such as healthcare, transportation, logistics, retail, field services or more, having a full lifecycle security and management program to protect and secure mobile devices and apps is crucial to the success of your business.

How Does Mobile Device Management Work?

The software works by installing an agent on each of the devices that need to be managed. Once the agent is installed on the end devices, it allows the centralized server to manage and communicate with the endpoints remotely.

Once configured, this centralized server allows the administrator to enforce the corporate security policies, push out updates, and push new applications to enable more user productivity across all the managed devices.

A few examples of some of the policies that can be enforced are minimum password complexity requirements and re-mote erase functionalities in an event that a device is lost.

The software also provides a monitoring dashboard where all devices can be tracked for compliance or compromise. This helps administrators keep track of all the different versions of the applications and physical OSs that are running in the environment, which is a necessity to protect against software vulnerabilities such as Specter or Meltdown.

Mobile device management sets up a secure sandbox that will isolate corporate applications from the end users’ applications to allow users to use bring-your-own-devices (BYOD) and still have the applications they want installed while maintaining the integrity of the corporate data.

How Do I Know If I Need to Implement a Mobile Device Management Solution?

With mobile security threats on the rise and with the increased compliance requirements from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), every business should have a strategy in place to protect the integrity of the company network and the data that it contains. Ask yourself these questions to see if an MDM solution is right for your business.

  • Are your mobile devices owned by a company? Are these devices expensive and time-consuming to replace?
  • Do you need to get devices configured and set up for your mobile workers ASAP, so they can hit the ground running?
  • Do you need to prevent worker downtime when they have problems with their devices?
  • Does your company depend on mobile apps to operate? Do you need to understand and manage who has what version of which app?
  • Do you operate in a regulated industry such as GDPR or SOX, where any sensitive data on your worker’s devices must remain on the device?
  • Does your company support BYOD that can potentially jeopardize data security and regulatory compliance?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, it’s imperative that you have an MDM solution implemented to protect your company.

What Are the Benefits of Mobile Device Management?

There are numerous benefits of mobile device management. With technology constantly evolving and changing, companies need to implement changes and updates quickly, so they don’t fall behind. With MDM, they can.

Remote Management of Users & Devices – With MDM, administrators can manage users and devices remotely from anywhere. They can update security patches, apps, device security configurations and more in bulk across hundreds of devices in a matter of minutes from just about anywhere. MDM allows admins to have 24/7 access to control all devices which substantially helps to improve mobile security.

Security Policy Management – Organizations can enforce consistent policies across all devices to ensure they are protected and working at optimal speeds. Things such as password regulations, identity management and more will be able to carry across to all endpoints helping to increase efficiency and streamlines processes.

Consistent User Experience – With MDM, you can rest assured that all users will receive a consistent and seamless experience across all platforms and devices.

Automatic Deletion – MDM allows you to delete confidential information instantly from any device with a push of a button. This helps to create peace of mind knowing that private information will remain secure and protected.

Data Back Up – When you implement an MDM solution, you are reducing the risk of information loss because data that is connected to corporate applications will be automatically backed up with the company’s traditional backup policies.

Increases Productivity – MDM includes productivity tools and remote support features that reduce worker downtime and keeps them focused on their work. This helps to improve work efficiency substantially.

Regulatory Compliance – MDM allows you to monitor, manage and track regulatory compliance through one centralized admin console.

Controlled Device Updates – MDM centrally controls updates making sure to comply with government regulations and protecting your data.

Application Control – Apps that are used in the workplace need to be properly controlled and regulated. MDM makes that process easy by providing a centralized control that lets users install applications on their devices. The software also allows for role-based access management and the ability to remove apps instantly.

Streamline Onboarding Processes for New Hires – When new employees begin working, the IT department needs to get devices configured and set up which can take up to days. By having an MDM solution, IT admins can save time and quickly onboard new hires and get their devices registered so they can hit the ground running.

How Can OCR Canada Help You with Mobile Device Management?

OCR Canada has been a global leader in Mobile Device Management solutions. OCR Canada specializes in fully automated solutions in many industries such as manufacturing, warehouse and distribution, healthcare, transportation and logistics, retail environments and more.

As a mobile device management expert, OCR Canada can help you achieve greater visibility and protect vital data across your enterprise by effectively and efficiently managing our enterprise portfolio or your consumer devices.

Our mobile device management solutions secure, monitor and support all types of devices, including smartphones, rugged mobile computers, POS tablets, and more.

Whether you’re thinking about implementing an MDM solution or simply want to improve your current operations, you can count on us to be a service provider that you can trust. We understand customer pain points and value transparency and innovation.

Our experts can and will empower your teams with advanced mobility solutions while ensuring that your business data remains secure and protected.

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