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OEM Base for the Fetch Freight100 Autonomous Mobile Robot

Our fully autonomous Freight100 OEM Base, designed to be extremely expandable and versatile, is a safe and cost-effective option for accelerating the development of automated goods and solutions for a wide range of applications. Integrators and software partners can use the Freight100 Base and Fetch Robotics’ established hardware and software experience to quickly implement new automated solutions.

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Fetch FREIGHT100

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Create your very own unique automatic solution. With autonomous mobility robots (AMRs), leaders can build automated solutions that allow AMRs and human workers to work in tandem with ease. Freight100 is an extremely flexible platform which aids in the development of various applications and automated workflows. Freight100’s hardware and software extensibility capabilities enable integrators and software partners to swiftly build unique automated solutions.

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SAFETY features

Uncompromising Safety

Collaborative, autonomous mobile robots were designed to work in close proximity to people, and efficiency should not come at the expense of safety. All robotics AMRs come with some of the industry’s most advanced safety features. Mapping, localization, obstacle avoidance, and object recognition are all possible with 2D LiDAR scanners with a 25m range. Multiple 3D depth cameras provide the robot better eyesight, allowing it to avoid ground-based and overhanging dynamic impediments including forklifts, pallet jacks, and people. When these sensors are combined with our onboard safety software, the result is the first industrial AMR systems (containing the robot base and top module) that pass both the ANSI / RIA R15.08 safety standard for mobile robots as well as the CE mark.

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